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New Jersey Child Talks to Goblin

NEW JERSEY (Cryptozoology News) — The parents of a 7-year-old child claim that the boy believes he is being visited by the peculiar guest.

file000222238740NEW JERSEY (Cryptozoology News) — The parents of a 7-year-old child claim that the boy believes he is being visited by the peculiar guest.

The O’Connells say the issue has become unbearable. “We have taken him to a psychiatrist, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with him,” said the mother. “I told my husband that this is completely normal, when I was little I had imaginary friends too. Well, I mean, I thought it was normal until he began telling me about the conversations with his friends.”

Purportedly, the ominous apparitions happen at night and they are anything but friendly.

“When it’s time for bedtime he doesn’t want to go,” she explained. “He says he is afraid of his friend: Mom, mom, don’t wanna see green friend tonight! Very unnerving. Sometimes we let him sleep with us, but it’s gotten to a point where we can’t deal with it anymore. It’s also creeping us out.”

The events began to take place after moving to a vacant relative’s house last January. “After my brother left for Wisconsin, we took the vacant house in New Jersey and moved in to save on our monthly rent. We were paying way too much for that apartment and it was a crappy place,” the woman said. “Had I known better we’d sold this old house before moving in. But good luck selling in this economy…”

The father, who declined to speak with Cryptozoology News, has been “seriously affected” by the bizarre circumstances, the woman said. “He doesn’t talk to me as much as he used to. He tries his best with the child but things have kind of changed now. I mean, don’t take me wrong, he loves the boy and he is a good husband, he is just desperate to fix the issue.”

The mother of the child says the boy knows things “he shouldn’t know at that age.”

“He speaks like an adult sometimes. He comes inside my bedroom at night and tells me that this green elf, or whatever it is, was talking to him about the old times, and the way things used to be back then during the war and at the old barn, and who he’s gonna vote for when he grows up. Go figure. Then he tells me that we shouldn’t be living close to the water. Freaky stuff like that. He even described the friend for me, ‘ugly skin’, tall, ‘very dirty’ long nails…and he doesn’t have ears. He also says he shows him parts of the house I don’t even know about, rooms and places that don’t exist here.”

The O’Connell family is planning on going to a different doctor next week in order to get a second opinion on the issue.

According to experts at the University of Oregon, about 37% of children have an imaginary friend.

GoblinGoblins are grotesque, malevolent creatures, closely related to the gnome but mischievous in nature. In October 2013, local officials in a Zimbabwe town decided to close the schools after students reported being terrorized by the legendary creatures.





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