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The Child Who Befriended a Bigfoot Family

It is not easy for people to share their close encounters with a cryptid. Probably for fears of being ridiculed in today’s society, the very few who have had the privilege to meet the beast personally, tend to keep these stories secret. And when they finally open themselves to the world, these type of accounts sound so incredible and outlandish that the majority of the readers laugh and mock in disbelief.

Connie Bergh-Muller waited until 2004 to tell her amazing story. She lived in Idaho during the 1940’s and His father owned a ranch in Idaho County next to the Salmon River, also known as The River of No Return. They would visit this place every week to take care of some animals.

“While business was being taken care of by the men, I was very bored. I would explore the ranch area all day,” she told Fate Magazine. “I found a place on the ranch where a spring ran through. The trees were tall and there was a lot of brush. It was my little haven and secret place.”

Reportedly, one day she heard a noise coming out of a bush next to her favorite spot. At that moment, “a huge creature” approached the young girl. It was about 8 ft tall with “stringy” white hair, a little darker on the “more exposed areas.” Its had a “flat face with dark squinted eyes”.

“At first I was frightened, thinking it is was a bear. As the creature came closer, I felt it was trying to calm and reassure me that I was not in any danger,” Bergh-Muller recalls.

This animal, she believes, appeared to be a female acting like a mother. They sat together and communicated.

“I felt comfortable with her. We sat on a log and she held my hand placing her gentle hand on my knee. I talked to her and she responded with low deep tones and nods of understanding.”

Clear water runs through the Salmon River, Idaho. Credit: Fredfish4 CC BY-SA 3.0
Clear water runs through the Salmon River, Idaho.
Credit: Fredfish4 CC BY-SA 3.0

To her surprise, 30 minutes later another creature showed up, but this one seemed upset. Its eyes “burned black and larger”. As the new guest approached them, she figured it was a male, possibly the other individual’s mate. The female Bigfoot stood up, sneering him, and “putting him in his place”.

Every time they visited the ranch, she would go to her “secret place” to meet the unusual couple. And one day, she said, she was surprised by a new member.

“Once the female brought a young creature there for me to meet. I felt it must have been an offspring of hers.”

According to Bergh-Muller, the male Bigfoot always showed signs of anger, “trying to show that he was tough and in charge but the female always kept him under control”, and made him act more gently toward her.

After selling the ranch in the 1950’s, she never went back. “I never did have a chance to say goodbye to my friends, which I would like to have done. I told my mother about my friends, but she did not believe a word of my story. She marveled at my imagination, but suggested I stop making up stories like that. I never mentioned the subject again,” she said. “I had never heard of Bigfoot or yeti as a child, but now I know who my friends were. They will always be a part of my childhood and remembered dearly. They were not the imagination of a child, because I talked and visited with them on a regular basis.”


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