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‘Baby Mothman’ Startles Woman in Illinois

CHANNAHON, Ill. — A woman said she encountered an unidentified flying creature in Northern Illinois.

mothman illinois sighting

Carol, a 58-year-old retired Channahon resident whose last name was omitted for anonymity purposes, said she came upon the oddity last Thursday as she let her dogs out in her backyard.

“I turned on our patio light and seen it,” says Carol. “We keep a heated birdbath on our patio. Is it possible this thing was getting a drink before I scared it into flight.”

She claims the unknown animal flew away after about 20 seconds.

“But its flight pattern was straight up!” she added. “In a eerie slow butterfly movement, but straight up.”

Carol described what she saw as a 9-inch wide winged creature with gray fur. It did not emit any sounds.

“Its wings were sort of like paper pages. It looked like a ghostly apparition is the best way to describe it.”

The Illinoisian says that she has never seen anything like it and that she is sure it was not a bat or a moth.

“It was not a moth or a bat,” she states, as she explains how she couldn’t get any sleep that night. “I was so bothered by what I had seen. It played on my mind so much that what little sleep I did get contained a dream about this thing.”

The White Witch Moth, the largest known lepidopteran, is endemic to South America although it has been seen as far north as Texas.

But Carol is certain that what she saw last week was not a White Witch Moth.

“My personal feeling on what it was… Possible a very small mothman creature. I would of believed it was the Ghost or Witch Moth, but not this time of year and not in Illinois. Plus the crazy flight pattern… The wings were very straight edged, but they fluttered when it moved. I did  not see any eyes or face. It was blank . That was strange too. No eyes ,  mouth or antenna,” she explains.

The Mothman, a ghostly winged humanoid, was reportedly first seen on November, 12, 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The original report stated that five men were digging a grave at the local cemetery when they spotted the cryptid. Three days later, two different couples reported seeing a “flying human” with red-glowing eyes chasing their vehicles.

According to cryptozoological literature, the creature is believed to be able to predict upcoming events that have the potential to impact human life. The Mothman Prophecies, written by parapsychologist author John Keel in 1975, painstakingly describes the events that lead to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The story was later brought to the big screen by director Mark Pellington and starring Richard Gere on a film with the book’s name.

The Illinois eyewitness provided a drawing of what she saw.

mothman illinois sighting

The unidentified creature has paper-like wings. Carol drew what she saw on a piece of paper.

“I wish I were a better sketch artist, but that is pretty much what I had seen . Imagine it now fluttering in the dark. First, I saw it through the glass after I turned on the light. Then, I opened the door for the dogs, and I still could see it. No I don’t drink or take drugs,” she said.

Last month, a man in McLean County, Illinois, claimed to have seen a headless flying humanoid.

Encounters with flying humanoids around the world have been reported throughout the years and some people believe them to be “angels” or “demons”.

In late October, Nick Malicki, who calls himself the Nephilim Hunter, released footage of what he says was a “Nephilim” creature attached to the roof of an undisclosed cave in Australia.

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  1. Mista Marsupial

    February 17, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    Flying book ?

    • broc theil

      February 18, 2016 at 7:56 am


  2. ggg

    February 19, 2016 at 7:35 am

    thus needs to be deleted

  3. Mothman

    February 23, 2016 at 5:27 am

    If you don’t have a picture then it did not happen and not a drawing. So if I claim I was abducted by aliens then that would be news worthy? I can draw a bad picture too.
    { * >* }

  4. Mary

    April 25, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Actually, the idea of a Baby mothman, makes sense to me.

    For it to live so long, idk if it does live so long. It must be having children and they grow up and have their own kids.

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