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Three People See Green-Eyed ‘Bigfoot’ in Virginia Town

MCLEAN, Va. — A woman claims she and a group of friends saw a bipedal creature they suspect to be Bigfoot in a wooded area in Northern Virginia.

McLean Bigfoot Virginia Sasquatch

The 54 year old , a retired woman who requested to remain anonymous but provided a full name and valid phone number, told Cryptozoology News on Thursday that she and two other people, whose full names were also revealed, were on a hike in Fairfax County when the alleged creature showed up.

“I drove and we went to a cool place in the park- a trail. We went just hanging out, but I wanted to leave because I was cold… but the guys wanted to stay,” the woman, who is now living in South Carolina, said about the winter of 1985 encounter. “They asked me if they build a fire to warm me then can we stay. I said ‘sure yeah right, that won’t happen because all the wood is wet with snow’.”

As the two men went out looking for wood, said the eyewitness, the sound of barking dogs erupted nearby.

“Something was going through the woods making, what I thought were, dogs barking.”

According to the woman, after they managed to light up the fire, the three friends sat around it and talked. That is when the unidentified bipedal animal reportedly showed up.

“I saw something big, I saw the silhouette next to a tree,” she recalls.

The sighting purportedly lasted about 3 minutes but they were only able to observe a few physical features of the creature.

“It was tall and big… and its eyes were fluorescent green… like a cat,” she said.

Later, she reports, they found a few footprints in the snow.

“The guys got excited and wanted to find the creature, so they both ran up the hill in search of it. I hollared for them not to go and come back. But no way. I was scared for them, after all I saw how big the thing was and knew my friends didn’t have any weapons. So I went to my car and laid on the horn until they came back. They
were mad at me for not letting them ‘hunt it down’. But the way I see it, I probably saved their lives.”

In 2016, a woman claiming to have worked for the United States Department of Defense said she had spotted a “mother Bigfoot” and its “baby” just outside a Virginia town in Bedford County.

In 2014, a man in Virginia released the photograph of what he called a Bigfoot creature standing on a dead try next to a river in the Intracoastal Waterway.

In 1986, a year after the alleged McLean’s Bigfoot encounter, two business men were reportedly attacked by a gorilla-like being in the contiguous state of West Virginia.

McLean, a census-designated place located between George Washington Parkway and the town of Vienna, has a population of 50,000 including high-ranking government officials.

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1 Comment

  1. Mista Marsupial

    February 14, 2016 at 1:41 am

    Why wait all this time to reveal a story ?

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