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Family Sees ‘Grey Alien’ in Georgia

SAVANNAH, Ga. — A Georgia man claims he and his grandmother saw a “grey alien” inside their Savannah home.


The 33-year-old man, who did not provide a full name, says they were in the living room watching TV when they saw the alleged creature running through the house.

“We lived kind of back in the woods, next to an Army base,” says the Georgian. “We were watching the Simpsons when out of my peripheral vision I sensed a white blur,” he continues about the 1991 claimed event.

Reportedly, the “alien” ran out of his grandmother’s bedroom and down the hallway. He says he and his grandmother saw it clearly. It then purportedly disappeared into the darkness.

The man reported the creature as having a “dingy white” skin all over its naked body. Its arms, he adds, were very long and was throwing them like “he was trying to fly”.

“It seemed very lightweight. The head, from front to back, it was extremely shallow. Its eyes bugged out like a praying mantis and its feet were long and narrow, but sort of frog looking,” he explains.

He says he also noticed how the ribs “kind of sticking out of the bottom”.

“That creature was bird chested. It had only three or four ribs, very spaced.”

The eyewitness noted the lack of sexual organs and believes the creature was not “technological advanced”, he said in a 4-minute-long video.

“It looked more biological than humans even. It was emaciated, you could see the striations and blood vessels.

Reports of alien creatures breaking into homes have increased during the past two years.

In early August, a woman in San Diego released a photograph she claims contained an “alien being” inside her home.

Three months earlier, a woman in New York asked for help regarding an alleged “human child trafficking ring” ran by “aliens”.

Last year, an Arizona man said a creature that didn’t look human tried to break into his house on the same night the Phoenix Lights made their appearance in 1997.

Also last year, a Frome, England, resident claimed his house was broken in by a group of beings that looked like the “typical greys”.

Just a few months earlier, a man in Connecticut said that a large family of “alien” creatures living on the trees of his backyard.

And the Savannah man, who claims his grandmother didn’t allow him to sleep alone until years later, says he wants to know why that creature was inside his home that night.

“I know they exist and what they look like… I defined it as a monster for many years, until I saw one very similar on Unsolved Mysteries.

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