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‘Aliens’ Spotted in Japan

JAPAN — A man claims he saw a group of humanoids in Kyoto.

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The man reports that he was on his way back to his Airbnb when he came upon the entities at about 11:40 p.m..

“I was walking through courtyard right before neighborhood entrance when I noticed two 4-foot-tall human-looking creatures jumping the wall of shrine and running away,” he said on MUFON about the March 11, 2018 encounter.

Reportedly, the eyewitness initially believed the beings to be children, but he says they were “too small to be kids of any age”.

“Their bodies were proportional for their height.”

The man described the creatures as being “as white as snow” and having skinny legs and arms. Their heads, he says, had pointy ears and “big black triangle eyes”.

“They ran with arms behind them,” he said. “They went behind a corner of a wall. As I walked towards there, one of them looked back at me and made eye contact.”

He goes on to say that the alarm of shrine went off, but that “no sound was on”.

“I was feeling terrified. I didn’t want to get too close. I lost sight of them as they turned a corner,” he said.

In 2015, another man reported seeing a humanoid creature in a forest outside Kyoto.

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