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Skunk Ape Spotted in Florida

MYAKKA CITY, Fla. — A couple in southeastern Manatee County claim to have spotted a bipedal figure they believe to be a Bigfoot creature.

The woman, who didn’t provide a name, said she was driving with her husband near the Myakka River when the creature showed up in June 2018 at around 6.45 p.m.. The area was flooded on account of the recent subtropical storm Alberto.

“We were at Long Creek, near Wachula road,” she told BFRO Investigator R. Monteith. “The road has been used infrequently due to the recent storms. I looked to the left and saw what appeared to be a pile of dark Spanish moss.”

She initially thought it was strange that a “pile of soggy grass” was shaped “so symmetrically”. That’s when she claims she realized that there was a creature, hiding, and standing still.

“I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t process what I was seeing.”

The eyewitness says that when she told her husband that she had just seen a Sasquatch. He turned the car around but the odd figure wasn’t longer there.

She described the animal as an 8-feet-tall dark brown haired biped with a pointed head, broad shoulders and thin hips.

“I couldn’t see its face. It looked shaggy and matted because the 3-4-inch hair was wet. ”

Also known as the Swamp Ape, the Florida Bigfoot or the Myakka Ape, the Skunk Ape is a primate cryptid allegedly living in the Sunshine State. It is supposed to emit a foul odor, similar to that of Bigfoot, indicating a possible defense mechanism, as some scientists propose.

In 2000, two photographs of the purported creature were mailed to the Sarasota County, Florida, Sheriff’s Department. A message was included in the mailed envelope to explain that the eyewitness had taken the picture in her own backyard. She claimed that the animal was attracted to the apples on her trees.

Also in 2000, Dave Shealy captured on video an unknown bipedal creature he claimed to be a Skunk Ape.

In 2013, a man and his son said they were driving across the Myakka River State Park when they spotted a strange animal running across a field and were able to capture it on video.

In November 2014, a woman told BFRO investigator Jim Sherman that she had encountered a “Bigfoot” while driving on Florida State Road 72. The beast, she said, was as wide as her “momma’s dodge”.

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