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Hikers Spot ‘Bigfoot’ in Colorado

A Colorado man says he and his girlfriend witnessed a bipedal creature they believe could be a Bigfoot.

The man, whose name wasn’t provided by the BFRO, says they were hiking in Mayflower Basin when they came upon the two-legged figure on July 25, at about 1.45 p.m..

“I was sitting on a rock eating peanuts when I noticed a very large biped approach the snow wall,” he said.

The creature reportedly failed to climb the wall and chose to back down to pick a different route.

“It then walked on two legs very briskly to the right, subsequently out of my view.”

He claims they found another hiker with his dog and convinced him to go up looking for the alleged animal, but they only found snow hand prints “with three big fingers and a thumb”. The footprints, he adds, didn’t seem to show any toes.

The eyewitness says he knows what he saw and that he had just been to the eye doctor the day before.

“20/10,” he explains.

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