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Retired Policeman and Family Claim Seeing ‘Bigfoot’ in Wisconsin

A family of three reportedly came upon a two-legged hairy creature.

The man reporting the sighting, a retired police officer, says he, his brother and sister were driving on a back road near Tripoli, Wisconsin when they observed the unusual being on July 7, 2019.

“The day was clear and cool. We were traveling approximately 10 to 15 mph in a Chevy Suburban,” he told the BFRO. “I was looking out across the clearing when I saw a large, reddish-brown upright figure running along the edge of the trees in the distance.”

He said that the creature was “hunched over” and that it was too large to be a deer.

“And it didn’t have the proper height or gait to be a bear.”

He says when he turned to ask his brother and sister what they had seen, they confirmed the sighting.

His brother, he says, described the being as a 6-feet-tall, hairy reddish figure “with no muzzle or neck”.

“He also said the smaller trees moved aside like it was pushing its way into the woods,” the retired officer added.

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