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Alien Creature? Transparent “Flying Horse” Spotted in England

ENGLAND — Two people claim to have seen an unidentified transparent flying creature in North West England.

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Runcorn Bridge in Cheshire

The 49-year-old woman, Jo-Anne Matthews, told Cryptozoology News that she was dropping her granddaughter off at her home in Runcorn when they saw the odd creature last Wednesday evening.

“It was a very clear night. Both myself and granddaughter noticed the constellations, Orion’s belt, etc. We then noticed something moving slowly across the sky… higher than a plane,” said the sales manager. “The weird thing was it was same colour as the sky.”

Its wings, she explained, were flapping, adding that as the reason they were able to differentiate its shape in the sky.

“It was physically moving. It was my granddaughter who said it was a pegasus, as its shape and movement looked like it.”

The woman described the creature as having large protrusions on both sides of its body.

“To see this clearly it must have been huge. It had a head and body shape and looked like it was flying,” said Matthews.

In 2014, a Colorado resident released the images of jellyfish-like flying creatures in his backyard.

Two "undines" fly in front of Smith's camera. Credit: Larry Smith/Leon Drew

Two jellyfish-like creatures fly in Colorado. Credit: Larry Smith/Leon Drew

In 2015, a man in Switzerland claimed to have been attacked by a transparent flying object. He also reported missing time.

Skeptics believe that a rare weather phenomenon known as ball lightning could be the directly involved with these type of UFO sightings.

Matthews says the sighting lasted about half a minute and that this was the first time seeing such an anomaly.

The industrial town of Runcorn, located in Cheshire and within the Borough of Halton, is a cargo port with a population of 61,000.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gavin Blake

    March 26, 2017 at 11:21 am

    Interesting story. However, adding in an image of lens flare and calling it jellyfish kind of takes away from it.

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