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Ghost Plane Crashes in Canada: ‘No Signs of a Pilot’

CANADA — A plane crash near the Lake Superior has sparked an “enigma” as authorities struggle to determine the pilot’s whereabouts.

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A Cessna Skyhawk sits at the Seneca College

The crash, which took place last Thursday, is now under investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police. Previous efforts by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada turned out inconclusive.

“When the pilot exited, and how exited, is still a mystery,” TSB investigator Peter Rowntree said Monday during a press release.

The TSB added they could not find human steps on the snow or evidence of a pilot near the crash site.

“Our investigation is closed. There is nothing to learn here. The only way out is through the two cabin doors,” Rowntree explained.

The small plane was a 33-year-old Cessna Skyhawk that departed from Ann Arbor Municipal Airport and was reportedly rented by a Chinese national taking classes at the University of Michigan. Police did not further elaborate on the man’s name.

In 1971, a man with the name of Dan Cooper hijacked a passenger plane in Oregon, obtained a ransom of $200,000 to release the passengers, and later disappeared in mid air causing one of the strangest unsolved mysteries in the United States. 45 years later, the FBI officially announced they were no longer pursuing the case.


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