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Security Camera Captures ‘Ghost’ in Iowa

DAVENPORT, Iowa– A regional security firm has released footage of a possible “ghost” or “camera anomaly”.

“We were asked to review surveillance footage for a client and our technician found this. This is weird,” said one of the employees at Global Security Services, an Iowa security firm dedicated to provide physical and electronic protection, as well as armored transportation.

The 1-minute-long video was taken the night of Dec. 17 and shows a man roaming the back side of a building as he walks towards a camera installed on a 15-feet-tall pole. The man, wearing a hooded jacket and gloves, shows his naked face to the camera for about 30 seconds before walking away and disappearing in a blurry trail.

“This video has not been altered or enhanced in anyway,” the employee said. “Ghost or camera anomaly?”

2014 has proven to be a prolific year for these type of visual anomalies.

In September, the Espanola police department in New Mexico released a similar video with what some of the officers called a “ghost” and even went on to claim that the entity had “breathed” on their necks.

One month later, a man from New Orleans provided footage of a “giant ghost” jaywalking in the streets of The Big Easy.

In early December, the images of a “naked ghost” at a soccer game in Argentina startled hundreds of thousands of viewers and millions of YouTube users that rushed to comment on the anomaly.

Update 12/30/2014: Cryptozoology News reached out to Global Security Services to comment on the footage and were able to determine that the anomaly was “smearing” and “not a ghost”.

“We field tested this camera after we observed the video and we were able to duplicate the results captured on the first video. We did so to confirm that it was smearing and not a ghost. In short, it is a camera anomaly caused by a combination of the infrared and the frame rate of the camera. The area was very dark and the camera had an issue interpreting  the image when the subject walked off. This phenomenon is called “smearing or lag”. While we all agree this video was creepy it’s nothing more than a limitation of this particular cameras CCD technology,” said Brad Utter, the president and co-founder of Global Security Services.

Utter, who states he has been working in the security industry for over 17 years, says they posted the video to “let people see it because we thought it was cool”.

“We don’t normally see smearing like this on our cameras,” he said.

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