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Colorado Man Reports Two ‘Bigfoot’ Sightings

CONIFER, Colo. — A plant manager in Colorado claims he saw two gorilla-like creatures.

54-year-old Tony Pirotelli, who also provided a series of pictures and video containing tracks of the alleged primate, says the sightings took place inside his family property.

“I was taking the dogs, who were very frighten, to do their business at night,” he told Cryptozoology News. “It started with the early January footprints and then, a few months later, I noticed something at 2 in the morning.”

The first time he encountered the creature, the man reportedly spotted a pair of white eyes, then the clear outline of a primate against the moonlight.

“It was a large gorilla-type creature staring right at me 200 feet away. I was at the porch of my house, which was on a small hill and the moon was shinning behind it. We stood there staring at each other for what seemed a long time, but it was more like five to ten minutes.”

Pirotelli adds that even though he felt frozen with fear, he also was intrigued by it. Eventually, he explains, he walked back into the house to get his father.

“But by then the creature had left.”

He described the biped as a large gorilla, “not an ape”.

“It had facial outline features like a mixture between a gorilla, like the neck. The arms were massive, it was sitting on its hide legs ready to move.”

According to the Colorado man, a few months later he encountered a smaller version of the purported creature.

“It seemed curious but it never got any closer than about 75 feet and it stayed among the trees where it could hide itself,” he said.

He explains that he was able to take a few photographs of  “both large and smaller feet”.

“One seemed to be an adult, the other younger, showing what may look like a small family pack,” he explained about the 9-year-old encounter.

Pirotelli reportedly found this track after his first encounter with the large primate. Credit: Tony Pirotelli

bigfoot, sasquatch picture

Small and big foot prints taken during the reported second encounter with the animals. Credit: Tony Pirotelli


bigfoot picture, cryptozoology, colorado bigfoot

Pirotelli compares the size of his foot to the smaller foot print. Credit: Tony Pirotelli


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