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Man in Manchester Captures ‘UFO’ Video

ENGLAND — A man in Manchester on Thursday presented a video containing an unidentified flying object.

Andy Dunni says he used his cellphone camera to capture the sighting.

The 3-minute video shows a white round light that appears to make maneuvers not yet known to human pilots.

Another UFO seems to show up seconds later, as the man taking the video tries to communicate with them.

“I have been seeing unexplainable stuff nowadays,” he says.

Just last week, another man in North West England reported seeing a transparent flying creature he dubbed as a “pegasus”.

The Manchester man claims he has had different sightings besides UFOs, such as orbs.

In July 2014, a Philadelphia Temple University professor said that aliens are already living in our planet and that they are forcing human women to raise their hybrid babies.

The same year, NASA wrote a book suggesting that aliens could have already visited Earth.

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