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7 Stories of the Week: Dogman, Gators in NYC, Nessie Video, Man vs UFO and More

A man and his girlfriend spot a Dogman creature in Missouri. Listen to their story on this episode of Dogman Encounters.

From the sewer system of New York City comes a well researched story about demon gators and crocodile anomalies.

Scottish man shares video of alleged Loch Ness monster. Rory Cameron says he was driving home after visiting a friend when he noticed something strange in the infamous lake’s water.

A woman from Houston, Texas says she is in shock after filming a silent UFO. Watch this video on the local news website.

A Pennsylvania man found out the hard way that sometimes UFOs are not what they seem. Jessie Shields and his girlfriend say they where parked in the woods when the strange lights appeared in the sky. The arrested man claims their vehicle began shaking and that they could hear voices. In an attempt to dissipate the dangers of “being abducted”, Shields fired his gun at the lights, prompting his arrest. The lights, it turns out, were believed to be fireflies.

Yellow-eyed Bigfoot “terrifies” eyewitness in Canada. The man claims the animal was about 7 foot tall and looked like an ape.

And finally, take a look at these gorillas “posing” for a picture with park ranger in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. nobby

    April 23, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    how can anybody ell what is in the lake on loch ness ?

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