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Virginia Couple Claim Bigfoot Sighting

A couple in Virginia are reporting a Bigfoot sighting in Wythe County.

The man, whose name was kept anonymous, told the BFRO this week that they were driving around Wytheville when they saw the alleged creature on April 10 at around 8 p.m..

“It was dark, but not too dark yet. As we turned a corner, my wife and I saw something in the middle of the road,” he said. “It was on two legs and covered in fur.”

The eyewitness claims the primate-looking animal jumped over a nearby fence as soon as it spotted the couple’s vehicle.

“It jumped without using any effort at all. It then proceeded to run through the field.”

The man described it as a 4-foot-tall biped with long arms covered in brown hair. Its gait, he added, was abnormally long for being such a small creature.

“Its steps were much longer than mine,” he explained.

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