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‘Bigfoot’ Sighting in Oklahoma

A man in Logan County claims he saw an unidentified bipedal creature.

The anonymous man told the BFRO that he was sitting on his front porch with his dog when the sighting took place at dusk in October 2018.

The man said he saw two deer running south and then, seconds later, a biped running in the same direction.

“He was two steps from fence around front pasture when I saw him,” he explains. “He pushed down top wire, stepped over crossed front pasture, pushed down top wire stepped over in the center of pasture into slight ditch and crossed road and disappeared.”

His dog, he adds, “didn’t even bark until the creature was all the way across the pasture”.

“It was dark, tall and wide.”

The eyewitness says the biped was probably about 7 feet tall and weighted about 500 pounds.


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