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Georgia Man Films Strange Lights and “Possible Bigfoots”

Ga.– A man in Gwinnett County on Wednesday shared a video containing “glowing objects” and what he believes could be a group of “Bigfoots”.

YouTube user Dr. Squatch has publicly been looking for Bigfoot since January of this year. He frequently uploads “Bigfoot research” videos he captures around the Little Mulberry Park area.

“I don’t know what that white thing is, but it sure seems to be coming and going,” he says about the anomaly.

His most recent video, filmed with an infrared filter and almost 5 minutes long, shows a few unidentified lights moving randomly around a wooded area situated across an undisclosed highway. At the end of the video, one of the lights, which he later identifies as “orbs”, rapidly moves from left to right and disappears into the woods. At the same time, a few human-shaped silhouettes he believes could be Bigfoot creatures make an appearance, then vanish as well.

“It is a good quarter-mile away,” Dr. Sasquatch explains. “The human-shaped objects were hiding behind mountain tops.”

A similar phenomenon in Texas, known as the Marfa Lights, had kept UFO enthusiasts scratching their heads for decades. The lights are now believed by some investigators to be attributed to an optical effect created by the headlights of vehicles driving along U.S. 67 between Marfa and Presidio.

Some researchers, like Dr.Franklin Ruehl,Ph.D. and host of cable TV’s “Intriguing Ruehl Factoids, One At A Time“,  theorize there could be a connection between Bigfoot and UFOs.

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