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Truck Driver Spots ‘Bigfoot’ in Missouri

CLINTON COUNTY, M.O. — A Missouri man says he saw a bipedal creature.

The man, a truck driver whose name was not released, says he was driving on the I-35 on January 29 when the two-legged being showed up at 4:15 p.m..

“I had just passed the Wallace State Park,” he told the BFRO. “I was going around a curve when I saw it. It was sunny, no clouds.”

He described it as a “very tall and brown mass” walking on two legs. The biped, he said, was walking from the grassy area into the woods.

“It took three steps to get into the woods. It happened so fast, within seconds, and it was gone.”

The truck driver claims he reported to the authorities.

“I asked the highway patrol if they had had any sightings in the area and they said no. I asked if there were bears here but they said there were only mountain lions sometimes. I think my semi startled it.”

Two months ago, another man in Missouri said he and his son had seen a Bigfoot-like creature.


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