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Did this Oregon Man Capture Sounds of ‘Bigfoot’?

This article has been updated.

TILLAMOOK BAY, Ore. —  A man released audio Tuesday of what he thinks could be the sounds of a Bigfoot creature.

46-year-old Bay City resident Joe Baladez says he was setting up his equipment to “film the night sky” when he captured the unidentified howl.

“I caught some cry from something. I use a Canon Rebel EOS T3i. I’m a beginner at filming with this cam and was just messing around trying to catch a shooting star, satellite or even some UFO,” Baladez, a worker at the Tillamook’s cheese plant, told Cryptozoology News.  “I’ve taken some pretty cool pics of things -UFOs- or whatever they are,” he added.

The man uploaded a 5-minute-long video to YouTube where the sounds can be heard at the 1:18 mark.

“It sounded like it came from the mountains behind Cape Meares. Right after and during, you can hear coyotes and dogs start howling and barking back,” he explained.

Baladez says that whatever the howl is, he is happy to have captured it on video.

Bigfoot sightings frequently emanate from the areas of Oregon and Washington and many researchers believe the states’ dense forestry could be the ideal habitat for an undiscovered primate in North America.

In 1996, a man in the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington, placed a 911 call claiming there was a big and hairy bipedal creature in his backyard.

Tillamook County is located in northwestern Oregon and has a population of 25,000.

Update: Baladez tells Cryptozoology News that he contacted the BFRO and was told that the sounds come from a coyote.

“Our sound expert analyzed your video/recording and this is what he found:

The howls are all coyote. What catches most folks attention with coyotes is that initial long, flat howl. It often sounds very squatchy, but in fact its very typical of how these coyote packs initiate vocals. The first howl is often the patriarch (according to the reading I’ve done), and that long flat howl is a contact howl. In response, the other coyotes of the pack will kick up that cacophone of whoops, howls and barks that everyone recognizes. That’s what’s going on here, too. If you check out more coyote recordings that we receive over time, you’ll hear this lone start up howl time and time again.

I also couldn’t find any hallmarks in those vocals to suggest they originate from a sasquatch.

There are two vocals though that caught my ear and eye. Between 3:06 and 3:14 there are two vocalizations that demonstrate harmonics with an attenuated fundamental. And they contain audible phonemes as well. I can’t hear any secondary vocals or percussions to help confirm its a squatch, but what’s there suggests it could be. It might also be a person yelling something unintelligible, in the distance.

Thanks for sending and please share anything else interesting that you may capture in the future. We have learned that coyotes and bigfoots are often around each other. They may have some type of working relationship,” said the BFRO.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mathus

    May 27, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Not a lot to go on, but it at least sounds close to some other supposed Sasquatch howls.

    I’ve also noticed that with a lot of alleged Sasquatch sounds, dogs that sound much closer to the recorder will bark right after. Not sure if this counts for much butt…

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