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Missouri Lake Bigfoot Picture Analysis - Cryptozoology News
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Missouri Lake Bigfoot Picture Analysis

There  could be a bipedal creature walking along the shores of Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, Missouri. The original pictures were posted on YouTube by ParanormalDestruction. An anonymous person sent them a series of photographs which allegedly show the ape’s back and profile, never the front of the body.

We decided to analyze them.

The following are the original pictures:

missouri bigfoot












missouri bigfoot 2











missouri bigfoot 3











The photographs were not clear enough for us to analyze them, so we tried to enhance them in order to focus on details:


First, observe the length of the arms on the picture, they are not longer than a regular human arm. Apes tend to have longer arms and walk in a forward position. The subject here shows an erected position that corresponds to that of a human.

Second, notice there is not a clear shape on the facial region. It could be its head is turned looking towards the woods instead of looking at the people taking the pictures, but most animals would be staring at the “predator” and keep a close eye on them. The escape route would have been defined at an earlier time, prior to coming out to the water. Most animals behave this way, but this is even clearer when one realizes we are talking about a highly intelligent creature such as an ape.

missouri bigfoot













This second picture is interesting. It closely resembles the Patterson film only at a lower detail. Considering the age of the Patterson film and the camera used on it, one would expect a better quality on these pictures taken in 2013. The old film gave us details of the face, this one gives us almost no details.

However, a detail that can be taken into account is the foot’s sole. It is a little far to see, but it looks as if the entire sole was a flat piece of artificial material. There are no distinct shapes on it.

Notice the arm’s length again.

missouri bigfoot 2












Is it possible that the people taking the pictures didn’t have the capability of taking a video instead of still photographs? Not likely, but possible. According to the pictures and the direction taken by the subject, it gave the photographer enough time to take a video instead, where more details could have been revealed, and making a hoax a more difficult task. Perhaps they were carrying an old camera with no video capability. Who knows?

Also, one would think a creature such as Bigfoot would at least try to hide faster than this, but maybe the person taking the pictures was hiding.

Cryptozoology News believes that these details suggest there is a person hiding inside a costume.

We appreciate your input, please feel free to share it with us on the comments below.

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  1. Linda

    July 22, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    It’s a fake, picture #1 looks like a costume big time.

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  3. Rodger Edwards

    November 28, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    If it were not for picture #1 it make take some analysis but that picture is abviously a suit. Take a look at the leg. There is no crease at the back of the knee. An obvious sign of a loose suit. Also, the hair looks synthetic. The head does not have enough point at the rear. Although a Bigfoot does not have to look exactly the same all across the nation this is obviously a fake.

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