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Technological Aliens May Have Existed on Earth Billions Of Years Before Humans

For decades, scientists have been on the hunt to find life outside of Earth. With the discovery of many exoplanets in recent years, it is no surprise that one would assume that the chances of life thousands of light-years away is quite high. But what if an advanced species once lived on Earth, or somewhere in the solar system long before the rise of humans? A scientist from Pennsylvania State University believes the idea isn’t as far-fetched as one might think.

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According to associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics James T. Wright, it is possible that an indigenous intelligent species existed millions, if not billions of years ago. Wright defines indigenous technological species as species that are indigenous to the solar system, produce technosignatures and/or were space travelers, and are now extinct.

If The Cambrian Explosion Occurred Around 541 Million Years Ago, How could An Advanced Ancient Civilization Live On Earth Billions Of Years Ago?

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The Cambrian Explosion: The Construction of Animal Biodiversity, by Douglas H. Erwin and James W. Valentine.

Before the Cambrian Explosion occurred around 541 million years ago, the fossil record only contained life with simpler organisms. One would assume that before the event, there were no intelligent species around. However, Wright suggests that even single-celled organisms may have been able to organize in complex ways prior to the Cambrian Explosion.

Wright also goes on to explain the possibility of an “explosion” of biological complexity in Earth’s distant past (way before the Cambrian Explosion), which could have been too far back for the fossil record to be reliable. A planet-wide cataclysm may have destroyed all such prior complex life, which could have forced the remaining single-celled species who survived to “start over.” This would make finding evidence for any form of complex life quite difficult.

How The Species May Have Become Extinct

Why is this species not extant? A natural catastrophe such as an extinction-level asteroid may have wiped them out. If there was once advanced alien life throughout the solar system, then cataclysms could have permanently destroyed them. Another possible reason for their extinction solar-system-wide could be from a supernova or a nearby gamma ray burst.

If They Existed, Why Did They Leave Without A Trace?

The Earth is 4.543 billion years old. If there really was an advanced species that lived billions of years before the rise of humans, then why is there no evidence of technosignatures? There are a number of things that might have destroyed any evidence of alien technology.

The Length Of Survival Of Technosignatures On Earth’s Surface

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In just weeks: Biodegredation can destroy organic material.

Centuries to millennia: The majority of exposed rock and metals would be destroyed by weathering and other forms of erosion.

Tens of thousands of years: Structures that are large, durable and in the right environments. An example of this type of structure would be Great Pyramid of Giza.

Millions of years: If coal and iron was an important resource for an ancient alien civilization, then the process of mining would likely leave long-term scars on the terrain. If the technology of ancient aliens on Earth was as widespread as it is today, then the geological record might show a distinct layer.

Hundreds of millions of years: Fossilization or preservation in amber have the potential to preserve some records of living creatures. However, this only represents a tiny fraction of the Earth’s surface. It would not preserve any technosignatures.

If the species lived billions of years ago, all technology would likely have been destroyed by plate tectonics. However, some structures buried beneath Earth’s surface may have survived. One may wonder if ancient aliens left evidence purposely for discovery by a future civilization.

What About Advanced Life On Ancient Mars And Venus?

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Extinct indigenous technological species may have once thrived on an ancient wet Mars and pre-greenhouse Venus. It is likely that over time, all ancient alien artifacts on the surface of both planets have been destroyed. However, Wright believes it is possible that some have survived for billions of years somewhere in the Kuiper Belt at the edge of the solar system.

The Difficulties Searching For Solar System Artifacts

In addition to the possible destruction of artifacts from natural catastrophes (as well as the possibility of the civilization destroying itself somehow), there are other significant challenges scientists face when it comes to searching for artifacts in the solar system.

According to Wright, it is unlikely that any artifacts could be detected from space imagery. He says this is even the case if you were a Martian rover exploring shallow surfaces of Mars.

Ancient Aliens TV Show

Ancient Aliens is a television series involving investigators who scour the globe to find evidence of contact between ancient astronauts and humans in prehistoric times. To back up their claim that aliens may have influenced mankind, they provide interesting findings from archaeology and historical texts. Unlike James Wright’s theory on extinct indigenous advanced aliens from Earth and/or somewhere in the solar system (possibly billions of years ago), the show focuses on ancient aliens who came to visit Earth from deep outer space.

With continuous excavation in many places around the world, maybe one day the investigators will find evidence that supports Wright’s fascinating hypothesis.

It is only a matter of time before scientists discover complex life somewhere in the Universe. After one reads James Wright’s academic paper, they may start to wonder if there really are remaining alien artifacts beneath the Earth’s surface, or somewhere in our solar system.

An interesting thought is whether the first discovered evidence of an intelligent alien species will be from a civilization that is extant, or extinct. Will the SETI institute finally detect an actual signal from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization many light-years away? Or, will archaeologists discover artifacts located beneath the surfaces of Earth? Regardless of how, what, and even where the evidence is discovered, if it proves the existence of a technological species other than humans, it would be the greatest discovery of mankind.

Kirin Johnson

Contributor writer at Cryptozoology News
Kirin Johnson is a blogger who enjoys writing about the many unusual things going on in the world.
Some of her favorite topics are bizarre web pages, weird stories that go viral and the paranormal.

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  1. Tim

    May 4, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    this is so stupid. the earth hasn’t even been around for billions of years. & aliens are demons. period. read the Bible people, y’all will believe history books & atheist scientists but discredit the Bible?!


  2. luke

    May 24, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Even the Papacy believes in alien life which makes you feel someone knows something OR it has become such a general consenus as people become more aware of the sheer # of planets there ended up being blew everyones most promising predictions out of the water and a global paradigm shift occured where you are more likely to be ridiculed for NOT accepting alien life as an absolute than for believing 100% in millions of other intelligent species just in our neighborhood. I hope we evolved a bit faster for our sake as whatever it is WE are going to become

  3. luke

    May 24, 2017 at 10:56 am

    Plus the Bible is in no way an acceptable piece of evidence regarding any field outside of Biblical and Cultural Studies.
    The stories within it are just that. Though loosely based on various events both real and fictional the Bible, the upanishads, the Koran, the Torah, The Bhagvahd Gita etc…are all just as valid “history” of the earth and as well the Babylonian Epics of Gilgamesh as well as any Religious Texts which came as contemporaries or predecessors to the BIBLE are all equally valid sources in every respect.
    The big problem with the western Bible amd all Judeo Christian mythology as far as validating any as factual or superior is the OBVIOUS evolution of Religion we were lucky enough to find incredible records of dating back to the earliest writings. All show a wonderful reflection ofvtheir own individual belief systems all from judeo-christianity and its muslim and christian sects like mormons to the Early Babylonians Egyptians Akkadians and every other Mediterranean religious texts we can see the Mythology alter and advance to fit each new form. Each new mythology being a variant of its predecessor aling with other belief systems of the indiginous people at the time.

    In Genesis you read today as God in the Highest or God the Bull of Heaven etc…as they are telling a story BUT in its original text each of these are DIFFERENT GODS. The Caanite/Isrealite people had multiple Deities and apperantly before Akhenatin forced the Monotheistic revolution ontonhis people which included those people who would become the Isrealite tribes. They had multiple deities before this point and here we see Zoratrian beliefs being heavily incorporated into western JC mythology and literature as the two will join a few cultic religions and Mysteries until it transformed into early Chistianity soon to keep evolving to control the world for quite some time along with Buddism Muslims and Hindus

  4. luke

    May 24, 2017 at 11:18 am

    As for advanced past cultures. Yes most definayely theyve existed. I thought so simce i was a kid. We have 100% evidence of non humans using and creating stone tools millions of years before us AND of nonhumans developing a vocal system to enable speech both before by 4my AND by a non direct descenent. So just among our tree going the whole way backnto when we were still GorillaManChimpBonobo things, other primates were braching off and advancing before we did. Before primates ever evolved we have this…400 mya some jellyfish like creature after millions of years gains self awareness. They debelop bioluminescent communication. Create tools and use thevwater to their advantage creating underwater living coral like growing cities debelop value religion art. Adbamce and in a flash oof1million years a global climate surge kills off the entire species. Stragglers hang on for an unbelievable million years longer but then are gone. 398 million uears latet not even a remote trace of tjat civilization would ever be found. Eben one with cities and language whobactuallybevolved as intelligent beings for 2million years (a time and level of culture and evolution we can not comprehend) in a span of just 50+ million years any trace would be subsidized crushed eroded smashed biodehrafed to where its indistinguishable from the rest of our planet. Perjaps there are traces maybe we utilized what we found long ago. But just think about that old house from when you were a kid that slowly collapsed was collected and reclaimed by the forst. There is no visible sign anything was ever there. Thats just a meaninglessly small incriment of timevand soon nails stone andveven the grass altered bybthe soils chrmicals will vanish. As any sign that humans ever existed willvone day become lost forgotten and with no ebifence to possibly show that WE were ever real

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