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Two People See and Photograph Unusual Blue UFO

MEDINA, N.Y. — Two New Yorkers on Saturday released photographs of an unidentified flying object in the sky.

The Medina couple said they were walking outside their home on May 17 at around 7 p.m. when they noticed an unusual cloud.

“There was like a twister type cloud first. Then I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures,” the woman said.

As she circled the house, she was shocked to see a “blue glowing ball”.

“I yelled to my fiance, ‘look! look at the sky!’, he also saw this amazing sight.”

The sighting reportedly took about two minutes and kept “being closer” to the eyewitnesses.

“It ended up only at 500 feet away from us before it vanished.”

ufo, orb, ufo new york

The blue UFO comes out of the clouds. Credit: MUFON

ufo new york

The “blue orb”, she said, was not only captured by the photographs but were also visible to the naked eye, discarding the possibility of a camera lens flare.

“We couldn’t believe it. We wanted to share the beauty.”

Just a month ago a webcam in Italy captured a similar anomaly.

ufo italy, green ball, spiral blue lights, norway lights,

Unidentified light shows up in the Italian skies.

In 2009, an unexplained phenomenon occurred in the skies of Norway when a series of blue spirals unexpectedly showed up. Internet users quickly wrote their own theories regarding the odd lights, ranging from interplanetary gates to government operated experiments. Experts however claimed the blue lights were simply a “failed missile launch by the Russian military”.


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