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Creature Filmed in the Oregon Woods - Cryptozoology News
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Creature Filmed in the Oregon Woods

Plenty of new strange videos have been flooding the social media in the past few weeks. Most of these are often easy to discard as hoaxes, while others, like the one we’ll be showing you today, are becoming a little controversial. It is an amazing video. The main problem is that the personal background behind it is unknown. It’d be nice to know who was videotaping the creature and why. These details usually give away more than just a name or a location: It helps highlight inconsistencies between the person’s testimony and the footage. It’s not that we want the video to be fake, in fact,  we can’t wait to being able to prove the validity of these type of footage one of these days; it is that we need some reasonable background to analyze it correctly.

Regardless of the lack of personal background on the video, it doesn’t feel like a waste of time to give it a try. We found an e-mail address we could contact but finding out it was a video agency, well, it kind of pushed us back. I think you know where this is going…but enough of it. Let’s watch the actual video and try to determine whether it’s real or fake.

The following video is property of Video Agency of Audio Color World (used in accordance to the copyright fair use doctrine 17 USC Section 107):


Now I know what you are thinking: Why is the video so unstable? Why are these films always filmed with a shaky hand “style”? This is usually attributed to the obvious emotional state of the person taking the picture or video. If you were filming the same creature, you’d be shaking too.

Why is it so blurry? Why are these type of videos always blurry? That’s a good question. We think of today’s cameras, phones, etc, as high definition devices. Most people own phones with an HD camera, however, there are still people that currently own regular phones with the old grainy pixels. According to a study, up to 48% of American adults do not use smartphones. Could it be than these creatures always make their ghostly appearances that 48% portion of the population that do not use smartphones? It could be. It’s almost a 50% chance (not exactly of course), if you study the numbers.

A third thought you are probably having is, why is the video maker filming the bicycle, then the creature is suddenly gone? Isn’t that such a coincidence? Yes it is a coincidence indeed. My first response to is that I too would be scared and alert enough to move around to see what’s coming at the minimum approaching noise. The animal hiding seems like this is the only logical part of the video.

Hold on to these thoughts, so we can try to analyze a few video frames now. But really, remember those thoughts we just talked about so we can go back to them later on.

Oregon Bigfoot Creature
Credit: Video Agency of Audio Color World


The picture above represents a portion of the video we just watched. It is in its original state and no filters nor digital enhancements have been applied to it.

Things to look at:

It is important that you notice the long arms, typical of an ape. Observe the huge hands, which are suspiciously strange. These scissor-hands are like nothing we have ever seen before except for video games. You know that too.

If you remember, on the video the creature moves around, touching things in its surroundings, yet not a branch, or leave moves. Physics dictate this is impossible.

Also, let’s note the way the feet are seated on the ground. They look as if they were floating around. Watch the video again and keep an eye on the feet.

The torso section appears to be showing mammalian glands, so if this footage was real, we’d be talking about a female bipedal mammal, such as an ape. Another physical feature to support this theory is the shape of its head. This is a gorilla-like head. If you are still in doubt, let’s go ahead and analyze an enhanced frame.

Oregon creature woods
Credit: Video Agency of Audio Color World


This frame has been treated with a filter and enhanced digitally. Look at the head now. Not convinced yet? We intensified the effects on the next frame.

bigfoot oregon enhanced
Credit: Video Agency of Audio Color World


You can see the the forward pointing bony eye sockets, the cone shaped head and even the barrel shaped chest. It could be a bigfoot or a gorilla.


We shall now go back to our initial thoughts. In our opinion, you were right to doubt the footage. Based on the little personal background provided for the video and the property rights being a video agency -as well as the lack of movement, shadows, and the highly suspicious video quality- our conclusion is that this is a digital creation. Very cool video effects, but in our opinion, not real. Great for a video game though.



­­Video Agency of Audio Color World own all distribution rights of this video.




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  1. Rodger Edwards

    December 19, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Although an interesting video it is fairly obvious that it is a hoax. Why? The movements make no sense at all. Strtching the arm out is more of a show for the camera than actual stretching. The feeling along the ground accomplishes nothing at all. It does not take anything from the ground… it just seems to brush its hand along it. Why? Becuase it is not a real hand! The fake hand is uncapable of grasping anything becuase it is a fake. Creatures and animals generally do things with some sort of purpose. The stretching is unatural. The jestures make no sense and accomplish nothing at all. And the person filming this is in totally plain sight to the creature but the creature never even looks at them?
    Hoax… but a cool one!

  2. Kelbel

    June 8, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    That was weird blurry but weird.

  3. Gavin Blake

    May 22, 2017 at 6:54 am

    I have seen graphics like this before, I believe it was in a b rate syfy movie.

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