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Birdzilla Spooks Driver in Texas - Cryptozoology News
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Birdzilla Spooks Driver in Texas

pterodactyl texasAUSTIN, Texas — There was an unusual animal encounter Monday night.

Alfredo B. says he is thankful he didn’t lose control of his vehicle on the icy road.

“I was able to steer the truck right away you know, but it was my fault for not paying attention to the road,” says the 32 year old truck driver.

According to the only witness, the creature looked like a big bird with a “horn and claws on its elbows.”

“I was driving south on the I-35, when I heard something on the roof. It goes like bam! bam! like steps, you know?  I say what the hell? what in the hell was that? Roll down the window freezing my face off, look up, and I see a portion of its foot on the side of the roof. Long claws, each the size of my feet. It was transparent, I could see a thick vein going up the base of each toe.”

The rest of the feet were formed by scales that didn’t resemble the typical anatomy of a common bird.

“The foot was grey and greenish, it looked like snake skin,” he reports.

But it wasn’t just the feet that Alfredo was able to study in that short time frame: He describes a head, and part of the wings.

“It didn’t last long, maybe five seconds? As soon as I saw the feet I kind of panicked. I am an experienced truck driver but this is new to me,” he explains. ” I don’t know how the animal could hold on to the roof for so long without being swept away by the wind, I was doing 80 (mph). So I try to spook it away but it spooked me instead. So hold on, get this, I grab a magazine I had with me in the truck and I wave it at the animal through the window, but wait to see what happened,” he laughs.


Apokryltaros at en.wikipedia GFDL , CC-BY-SA-3.0  or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0


“Right away I feel something pulling the magazine out of my hand, I look up and there it is, huge grey head with a horn and a long deformed pink beak, I about had it when I saw part of the wing trying to hook on to the rear-view mirror, it had something like hooks attached to it or somethin’, like a bat. I scream at it, I wasn’t gonna let it climb down inside the truck, you know, so I roll up the window and I must have caught part of its wing on it or somethin’ cause it made a loud noise. Damn I swerved to the right and I almost got out of the road, ice everywhere, but I managed to steer the truck right away. It was my fault anyway, should have known better to watch the road. I even used the CB radio to alert other drivers, and so I look up and I see it flying. I can’t imagine how such a huge bird can fly that high…it was, maybe 12 feet? I have no idea what it was,” says Alfredo, trying to fix the sticky base of a religious effigy hanging half way on the side of his truck’s dashboard. “It was a close call, you know.”

Birdzilla, also known as “Thunderbird” among Native Americans, is a giant bird that allegedly shares dinosaur features and is reminiscent of  the long extinct pterodactyl. Its diet is based on carrion, although there are reasons to believe that they have turned to a more predatory nature similar to the case of the European vulture. The first documented event happened in 1890, and was published on the Arizonian newspaper The Tombstone Epitapth. Cryptozoology News also covered a similar incident last summer, when a father and son witnessed a possible pterodactyl in a corn field in Missouri.





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