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‘Bigfoot Vocalization’ Captured in Alabama

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.– A woman presented audio Saturday of a “Sasquatch yelling” in the woods of west central Alabama.

Dorothy Sullivan, co-founder of the Alabama Bigfoot Society, says the audio recording was sent to her by M.K. Scruggs and that it was taken earlier this week from an area the team had recently investigated.

“She is in the North River area of Tuscaloosa County. She and her husband are both ministers, and she feels that lately more and more sightings are being reported by members of clergy,” Sullivan told Cryptozoology News. “The dogs began howling so she looked outside to see what was happening. She states that they were frightened and continued to howl and try to hide under the porch and on the porch. Two dogs, one shepherd and one lab,” she added.

According to Sullivan, these “episodes are frequent” and have been occurring since March 2012.

“A lot of activity happens close to her home,” she said.

The released file, originally consisting of 20 seconds of audio but later edited to about two minutes and a half, reveals the barking sounds of a seemingly agitated dog and a series of unknown, overlapping animal “vocalizations” that appear to be generated by multiple individuals.

“This recording is a Sasquatch giving his trademarked guttural yell,” she said. “This was definitely the Big Guy.”

In late September, BFRO researcher Jim Sherman, released audio of a “Sasquatch double howl” that eerily resembles Sullivan’s file.

Back in August, a man in western Washington captured the sounds of what he called a “juvenile male Bigfoot”.

Even though Sullivan believes the sounds obtained by the research group could be “evidence” of a Bigfoot creature living in the Alabama woods, she is still open to suggestions that help decipher the truth.

“Is it really Bigfoot? Or is there another explanation?” she asks the listeners. “There were no coyotes when this episode first started, they only began after she began taping.”

Jim Smith, 58-year-old founder of the Alabaman group, is a “no-kill” Sasquatch advocate aiming to protect the purported creature’s habitat.

“I don’t intend to kill or try to kill one,” he says. “I know this feeling comes from my Indian blood. I know it exists and I don’t need a body to prove it.”

They believe “Bigfoot” is “another human species” or “a cross between human and something else”.

Located on the Black Warrior River, the city of Tuscaloosa is home to about 100,000 people and is considered one of the largest cities in the Yellowhammer State.

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