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‘Insect’ Photographed in Mars?

A photograph recently released by NASA has a plethora of internet users wondering whether this is proof of some sort of biological life form present on the surface of Mars.

The picture, taken by Curiosity’s camera in Sol 644 section, shows a dark object resembling an insect right on the upper left corner of the image.

The alleged anomaly was first discovered by YouTube user Streetcap1 last week and has subsequently been a heated source of debate among the members of various UFO communities.

While Streetcap1 was simply the one to point out the strangeness of the object on the camera lens, other researchers have plenty of things to say about it.

Scott C. Waring, ESL school teacher in Taiwan, has been keeping track of these type of abnormalities like these on his daily blog since he created it in 2012.

“We post daily UFO sightings with photos or videos and search for Alien structures in NASA photos,” he explains on his Facebook page.

“I looked for other images of the mountain area, but none were of this exact location,” he says. “The black UFO was not in any other photos.”

He goes on to say that the dark spot could be a drone but that it could be an insect, such as a cicada.

Credit: NASA
Photo courtesy of NASA

“This black object looks like its flying and not sitting on the mountain,” he says. “Don’t expect NASA to talk about it, they never do,” he adds.

Some YouTube users, like Ivor Problem, have a different explanation.

“That’s a dot added by the camera/software. They are always on the mars photos (depends on camera used). I think they use it /them as a marker. Panoramic shots tend to have a few of them,” he writes on the comment’s section of the original video.

Others debate whether it could be an insect on the actual camera lens or even a simple speck of dust sitting on it.

The controversy comes two weeks after NASA’s release of a 330-page long document written by a group of scientists and scholars and edited by Douglas A. Vakoch, suggesting that certain art paintings and carvings on rock formations found on Earth could be the work of ancient alien visitations.

This is not the first time that UFO enthusiasts discover similar oddities on the Red Planet. A man in March claimed that a structure appearing on another picture taken by NASA was a religious symbol.

The agency hasn’t made an official statement about the picture.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. JPMajor

    June 5, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Specks like this can be found in MSL images all the time. They’re not bugs or drones or flying saucers, they’re dust or digital crud. This is a machine operating in a very harsh environment tens of millions of miles away… the images it takes and transmits to Earth will occasionally have some artifacts in them. And there’s no shortage of dust on Mars. But one can’t suppose the readers of this site will see that as the most logical explanation…

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