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Woman: Bigfoot Walks with Me

354px-Pie_GrandeA woman in Florida claims Bigfoot lives in the Goethe State Forest.

Denise Deschenes says she notices “things” whenever she walks with her dog in the forest, and that although she has only seen the beast once, she can still “hear them walking” with her and let her know “they’re there”.

She has many pictures of the place and she is convinced that Bigfoot must be somewhere on the background. She likes to pray, wave her hands and say “hi” before entering the woods. She leaves presents and food for the shy Sasquatches, like crackers and tobacco.

The Bigfoot creature is known among the Native Americans. Their legends describe a nocturnal animal about 9 feet tall, hairy and smelly. According to their beliefs, sometimes Bigfoot unknowingly takes things from the tribes that it sees as presents. Depending on the tribe, there are two types of Bigfoot: benevolent and malevolent. The good Bigfoot often communicates with the tribes through sign language, while the “mean” one attacks and eats humans.

There were no pictures or video evidence released at the moment of the report and she says she has not yet contacted any Bigfoot organization.

Listen to this chilling audio with purported sounds of Bigfoot.



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mr Magoo

    January 6, 2015 at 4:51 am

    I have read elsewhere that the tribes-peoples say there are in fact 4 types of bigfoot creature…and they are all a type of people…with what Dr Melba Ketchum reputedly discovered via new DNA research this may well be true,indeed…although she has suffered much abuse and denigration at the hands of her “scientific” colleagues that have resorted to what amounts to name calling and smears…many of them have neither read her papers nor understood her DNA extraction techniques.

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