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Utah Man Shares New ‘Bigfoot’ Video

Utah — A man says he believes he has captured footage of a Bigfoot creature.

Tanner Hargis, who shared the video with the RMSO, said he was in his backyard with his spotting scope in Lone Peak, Utah on March 23, when he came across the humanoid figure at 10.30 a.m..

“I don’t think any human would be hiking there right now, it is too high,” he said. “I think it’s something that needs to be checked into.”

Hargis says the biped appeared to be about 8 feet tall and was walking uphill quite fast. Its arms, he adds, “were down to his knees”.

The 26-second video shows a humanoid silhouette walking up a snowy mountain, then disappearing into the fog.

Credit: RMSO

The RMSO, on account of their proximity to the area, were able to investigate the sighting just three hours after the initial report took place but they came back empty handed.

In September 2016, a mother and her daughter were driving on a rural road in Utah County when they came upon a bipedal creature. They captured a video of what they believed to be a Bigfoot in a corn field.

Four years ago, another man in Utah shook the Internet when he shared footage of a similar creature. The RMSO, who were also involved at the time, commented on the sighting.

Lone Peak, southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah is one of the tallest peaks on the Wasatch Range and is a common hiking area.

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