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South Carolina Family Shares their Bigfoot Encounter - Cryptozoology News
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South Carolina Family Shares their Bigfoot Encounter

OCONEE COUNTY, S.C. — A woman and her family say they saw a Bigfoot creature in an undisclosed small town in the northwest corner of South Carolina.

Bigfoot researcher and author Melissa George says she had always been a skeptical person, but her mind changed after a personal encounter she reportedly had with the primate-like beast in 2013.

According to George, the exact location where the alleged event took place has been changed in order “to protect the people that live there”.


“I don’t want to give too much away,” the 48-year-old woman told Cryptozoology News. “I can tell you my story, but it’s not just my story, it’s my husbands story, it’s my daughter in laws story as well as my story, as they were with me the day my reality of these creatures changed. ”

“We realized our land held a big secret. I do not find the subject funny at all,” she adds on her first book “Bigfoot Chronicles”, the first in a series on the Sasquatch subject.

George says she, her husband Marty and another member of her team were out doing “random sweep of the woods” looking for “possible evidence”, when the encounter occurred.

“I saw this tree moving, about fifteen yards away. And this thing was moving back and forth pretty quickly.”

As she alerted her team mates, who were walking ahead of her, she says her heart began pounding.

Bigfoot Chronicles

Cover of “Bigfoot Chronicles”, George’s first book in the Sasquatch series.

“Not knowing if this was going to be some wild animal that may be trying to protect its home. We had no weapons with us. I guess it hadn’t really occurred to us that we may need one,” she explains. “They both turn and look in the direction I am looking. The tree is barely moving now. Marty and Cari both nod their heads, signaling, they saw it. We all three start in that direction,” she continues.

George claims that even though she had a digital camera, its batteries had just died minutes before. But Marty’s was still functioning.

“I assumed if I walked back up this incline, I would be able to see a bit better that Marty and Cari could. Marty went to the left of this undergrowth, Cari to the right.”

That’s when, reputedly, she first saw the cinnamon-colored animal. She says she couldn’t make out its shape, but that she was able to catch a few glimpses of its fur. At first, George thought it could be just a bear.

“But we don’t have many bears in our area and if we do it’s a black bear. Then I think cow. No, a cow would be making much more noise what ever this was made no noise at all when it moved,” she said.

Then, suddenly, the purported beast showed up. As the creature came out of the vegetation, George reportedly froze, not being able to alert Marty about the chance to snap a picture of it.

“He is asking me how far away it is I can hear the urgency in his voice. I heard him asking me this repeatedly while he is trying to get a good shot with his camera. But I couldn’t answer, I had just locked eyes with something that appeared halfway human. When asked how long this encounter occurred, I would say an eternity, but i’m sure it was mere seconds. But those seconds were all it
took to change me completely.”

There are other people in the southern states claiming to have the cryptid roaming their property.

In late January, a woman from Texas stated during a call to a popular night radio show that a “Sasquatch family” allegedly living in her property had just had a baby and that she feeds them “buckets” of food

In 2005, Courts Griner, a Texan college student said he was at her mother’s home in the northern part of the state when a few ape-like creatures purportedly climbed up onto the house’s roof. These beings, he told Cryptozoology News in 2014, appeared to be communicating with each other.

And George, also a blogger who goes by the pen name of Southern Moon, understands that her Bigfoot story is hard to believe.

“If you had told me three years ago, I would have laughed at you. It took a while for my mind to catch up with my heart,” she said. “For you skeptics out there, it’s perfectly fine if you don’t believe a word of this, I was there myself at one time. I realize that for some of you, regardless of how many times I use the words “True Story” this will still be a work of fiction for you. I completely understand I felt that way once, until my experiences took Bigfoot off the pages of Myth and Legend and made him a flesh and blood entity. I look back on my sightings and question what I saw. This happens quite frequently actually. Why am I trying to find a way to disprove what I saw? I guess it is just easier to be a non-believer than a believer is. No matter how hard I try to rationalize what I have seen, I cannot un-see it. I cannot un-hear it I cannot forget about it. I have gone back a million times in my mind and questioned everything about the sightings,” George said.

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  1. allie

    December 23, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    I was wondering if the witnesses are aware that there may be a population of wild chimpanzees and perhaps larger hominins such as orangutans, gorillas and the like in the more woodland , isolated and swampy areas, since the 1940’s and even before that time there have been escapes of these animals into the wild. road side zoo’s carnivals and the like have been known to release these animals when they were past their usefulness. certain private owners have done the same when unable to care for them or they became an active threat. I would believe that what you might have witnessed were the offspring of these creatures. it makes sense, after reading. the accounts I researched the past of Florida and exotic animals seem to have found a haven (Florida or other warm places that seem to have the ideal climate) I really enjoy reading the stories though very entertaining when I was 9 my dad always told me something that sticks with me to this day and that is this “Occam’s razor” – if there are two hypothesis that explain the data equally well choose the simpler.

    • Joe

      June 29, 2016 at 5:20 pm

      Get real Allie, everyone knows what gorillas, orangutans and chimpanzees look like. Give me a frikkin’ break. No one with half a brain would mistake what you mention with the relic hominid known as Saquatch or Bigfoot. I think it’s ignorant of you to imply such a ridiculous notion and rude to make such a statement. Get off your couch and get out into the wild for once, maybe you’ll get lucky and have an experience of your own. Hopefully, one will abduct and rape you non-believers.

      • Heather Chandler

        October 30, 2016 at 1:39 am

        Blimey Joe. talk about well over the top !! so any woman who has an opinion that you don’t agree with (and I don’t agree with her either BUT..) you think should be abducted and raped?? YOU are the type of guy woman should think twice about being in your company..after all..what sort of mind set must you have to even think such a thing…. get a life..and some counseling!!

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