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New 'Bigfoot' Yells Captured in South Carolina - Cryptozoology News
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New ‘Bigfoot’ Yells Captured in South Carolina

S.C. — A team of researchers say they have captured a series of unidentified “yells” in the westernmost part of South Carolina.

Melissa D. George, 48 and co-founder of the 2-year-old Carolina Cryptid Crew organization, told Cryptozoology News that the screams were captured at 3 a.m. on March 2 at her property located in Upstate’s Oconee County.

“I have lived here 29 years and have never heard this until recently,” said George. “We found evidence of Bigfoot on our property. Our property soon became our teams research area. If you listen with headphones works best, as this was quite a distance from the audio recorder.”

The audio file, which lasts a little over a minute, contains a series of  high-pitched  howls interrupted by what appears to be the hooting of a nearby owl.

George claims that she and her team have experienced “wood knock replies” and that they have noticed other strange activity going on in the same area.

“We had heard something walking around in our research area the night before, so we went to see if there was any evidence left behind. We got some sticks piled up and they are a pretty good size,” she says.

The woman, who calls herself a “ghost and cryptid hunter by night”, has also authored a few books on different paranormal subjects. From the demonic activity detailed in “My Paranormal Life: A True Haunting”, to her family’s own Bigfoot encounters told in her 2014 title “Bigfoot Chronicles”.

She says she is sure that what she heard was not an animal known to the locals.

“I am very familiar with all of the wild life. I grew up here.”

In recent years, some people have made similar claims about Bigfoot living in their own backyard.

In 2014, Mary K. Scruggs, a minister in Alabama said she believes there are a few Sasquatch creatures living around her property. She also released captured sounds of what she thinks could be a ‘Baby Bigfoot’.

Christina Dela Parker, also an author, has chronicled her alleged Bigfoot and Dogman creature ordeals she claims to have been experiencing for many years.

In late January, a woman from Texas stated during a call to a popular night radio show that a “Sasquatch family” allegedly living in her property had just had a baby and that she feeds them “buckets” of food.

Located between Atlanta and Charlotte, Upstate South Carolina, also known as the Upcountry, has experienced considerable economic and demographic growth since numerous foreign companies started investing in the region.

And although George believes there is a Bigfoot roaming her property, she says it is better for the listeners to draw their own conclusions.

“The Carolina Cryptid Crew allows you to judge the evidence for yourself,” she said.

The research team currently has an official website and a Facebook group where they offer their investigative services covering South Carolina, northeast Georgia, and southern North Carolina.

“If you would like we can come out and investigate a recent sighting, or something you can’t explain.”

And, they say, people over 21 years old can try joining the team, although, it appears that membership is on high demand as they explain that it has already been “closed for 2015”.

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  1. clay

    March 4, 2015 at 6:33 pm

    people please that is a fox. any body who has spent time and truly listened to the woods should know better.really

  2. clay

    March 4, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    No disrespect moderator but as a Carolina son and thirty five years in the woods that is a red fox. sounds really creepy if you’ve never heard it before.

    • Cryptozoology News

      March 4, 2015 at 8:01 pm

      Hi Clay, please dismiss any moderation messages as they appear automatically after clicking the “post comment” button. All comments are filtered in order to avoid spam and user abuse.

      Thank you very much for your input, it is greatly appreciated and it’ll certainly help other readers.

      Cryptozoology News

  3. daniel clavette

    March 14, 2015 at 8:47 pm

    Wow that is truly great big foot sighty and red fox looking scary.

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