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Oregon Man Claims he Saw Bigfoot

Ore. — An Oregon driver says he came upon a Bigfoot creature on U.S. Route 97 in the northern part of the state.


Orlando Gutierrez, a 35-year-old operator, told Cryptozoology News on Tuesday that the purported animal was standing in the middle of the road as he drove through a “government camp” by Mount Hood.

“It was standing on a few feet off the road, standing all casual, wanting me to stop. I had barely spotted it so I when I pulled over I was gonna jump out,” he said about the summer 2015 encounter. “That part of the mountain the government posted a sign that there is some around there, that is what was really weird, but to know that we ain’t the only ones alive.”

Gutierrez added that the biped appeared to be friendly and only described it as exhibiting a “light tan” color and “shaggy”. He claimed that the sighting lasted about 4 minutes.

He claims there was another person with him at the time of the sighting, but he did not wish to disclose the name.

“If you tell people, they don’t believe you. They just look at you like what you crazy… I was like huh…”

“It didn’t leave, like it wanted me to come communicate with me… it was weird. I can feel it like it was depressed mixture wit sadness. Why people always say they want to hunt it? Ignorant people… it is just like one of us,” said Gutierrez.

Back in May, a woman in southern Oregon said a Bigfoot-like creature had been peeking through the bathroom’s window in her residence as she was taking a bath.

Two months later, a former state trooper from Washington state claimed to be in contact with several Bigfoot beings and that he feeds them food on a regular basis.

Mount Hood, located between between Clackamas and Hood River counties, is Oregon’s highest mountain and a potentially active volcano.

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