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North Carolina Woman Claims Candy-Loving Bigfoot Visits her Frequently

A woman in North Carolina says she often sees an ape-like creature walking around her property.

Shelby resident Vicky Cook says she wasn’t sure about what she saw at first.

“I said ‘this can’t be real’. I screamed, I didn’t know what it was,” she explained on the 11,000-member Bigfoot911 .


Cook says the sightings began back in March when she noticed a few footprints on her property, which she showed on a short video interview by
Charlotte station WCNC-TV.

She also claims to have pictures of the creature, but the evidence has not yet been produced. She has however provided grainy video footage of one of the alleged encounters.

The woman says she is sure it wasn’t a bear and that the animal likes eating cookies and candy.

She believes the “Sasquatch” is about 8 feet tall and “possibly a juvenile”.

Last year, another North Carolina resident claimed to have seen a werewolf.

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