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New Australian TV Show will Focus on Cryptids like Yowie, Thylacine

AUSTRALIA — A team of experts in Australia say they have created a show aiming to provide cryptozoology with a more scientific basis.

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Josephine Gleeson, reportedly in charge of the show’s “historical cryptid accounts”, told Cryptozoology News that Terror Australis wants to show the world a glimpse of the cryptids present in their “dark, deep and vast” continent.

“The show focuses on scientific investigation into cryptozoology. We feel that there is a lot of interest in these fascinating creatures, but also a perception that cryptozoologists are a little mad,” said Gleeson. “We want to present a balanced and scientific investigation and show our world audience our dangerous Aussie landscape. Terror Australis was developed with a broad audience in mind. The scientific methods employed by the team will appeal to the skeptic at home and the seasoned cryptid hunter.”

Formed by four experts specialized in different areas, the Australian team will also be hosted by Nigel Ruck, one of the presenters doing the landscaping on the popular DIY TV show Backyard Blitz.

“They all contribute in different ways to the intricate cryptid investigations that we carry out. Nigel interviews and interacts with those people who have seen or experienced cryptids. He also adds a healthy dose of skepticism to the mix,” Gleeson explains.

She promises that Terror Australis will respect the lives of any animals they find along the way, adding that one of their team members is an active environmental lobbyist.

“Jake, our tracker, is an activist and continues to fight for the protection and conservation of Australia’s fauna and habitats.”

While the show won’t be airing on TV yet, you can watch their weekly episodes on their YouTube channel. They say that although they have been looking into it, they haven’t committed to any particular television channel  because they are “keen to engage with the broader online market”.

“Our audience tunes in from all over the globe,” Gleeson says. “However, we have an executive producer on board who will be assisting in the transition from online to television broadcast.”

The videos will be covering Australian cryptids such as Yowie. The team, she explains, is “a little divided” about the bipedal’s existence.

Yowie, also known as quinkin,  joogabinna or yahoo, is a creature present in the Aboriginal mythology and resembles the American Bigfoot.

“Yowie is a huge deal in Australia, he is our Bigfoot. Josephine and Shane haven’t seen one but they have interviewed enough people and seen enough evidence to be convinced of it’s existence. Jake has had firsthand experience with one and while the scientist in him questions the lack of compelling evidence supporting its existence, he can’t argue with a flesh-and-blood sighting. Nigel is a pure sceptic. He is fascinated and intrigued that people believe in Yowie. His motto is ‘if it hasn’t been found yet, it doesn’t exist’.”

And, according to Gleeson, the extinct thylacine will be the subject of plenty of episodes.

“There is actually a museum here in Australia that has Thylacine DNA and has been considering cloning it Jurassic Park style,” she said.

But the show will also feature less known cryptids, like the Megalodon.

Back in February, the show produced its first video to show the images of what they called “the biggest shark that’s ever lived”. The debut episode garnered over 5,000 online views.

Gleeson added that they will also be producing 1-hour-long episodes soon. She is hoping to hear from their viewers about their opinions and suggestions.

“Our position, like the audience, is one of genuine curiosity. We don’t seek to answer any questions with premeditation, we are all fascinated and intrigued by the truth.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marc

    April 21, 2015 at 5:12 am

    “Nigel is a pure sceptic. […] His motto is ‘if it hasn’t been found yet, it doesn’t exist’.”

    That’s not scepticism, it’s more like some kind of stupid empiricism.

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