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Louisiana Man says 9-Feet-Tall Curious Sasquatch Peeked Through Bedroom’s Window

MITTIE, La. — A Louisiana man says Bigfoot paid a visit to his father at his home in an isolated community about 10 miles northwest of Oberlin.

28-year-old Norman Racca, who works in drafting and design technology in Lafayette, told Cryptozoology News that his father told him about the encounter just a few months ago.

“He actually never talked to anyone about this encounter until the end of 2014. He is still alive, I sat in the room with him and asked him questions,” he said.

Racca says he didn’t provide his father’s name because “he does not want to be attached to this story”.

“This is the house my dad lived in as a child, I think he was about 9 years old,” Racca said about the alleged 1974 encounter. “It has been abandoned for years and years. They didn’t have any electricity, indoor plumbing… they had a well outside in the woods that they would get water from.”

According to the man, his father was sleeping in his bedroom when he woke up to the sound of something scratching at the window. At first, Racca says, his father thought it was one of his five brothers living in the house.

“Messing with him. They used to play pranks on him all the time, they all tried to scare him.”

Norman Racca posses by the window where the terrifying Bigfoot encounter allegedly took place. Credit: Norman Racca

Norman Racca posses by the window where the terrifying Bigfoot encounter allegedly took place. Credit: Norman Racca

But Racca says that when his father pulled the curtains aside, he saw “something bigger than the window” that made him terrified. It wasn’t his brothers.

The ape-like creature was reportedly about 9 feet tall with a “humongous body and chest”. The hair, he explained, was “dark brown or black” and its eyes were “a black void”, lacking “whites or any color”.

“He said the creature was very similar to the Patterson footage creature. He first saw its fingers, then he saw a hand. He looked up to the face… that was a Sasquatch staring down at him through the window. It had actually bent down so he got really close to his face,” Racca explained. “He said that he was completely terrified. He was freaking out.”

Suddenly, says Racca, the purported cryptid took off and disappeared into the thick woods.

“He said it took only two or three steps to get from here to there… about 20 yards.”

Racca made a 14-minute-long video in which he recreates his father’s alleged Sasquatch encounter. The footage shows Racca visiting what’s left of the house as he explains how the supposed ordeal occurred. At the end of the film, Racca admits to be “kind of freaking out a little bit too”.

He tells Cryptozoology News: “I was a little freaked out about standing and walking around in the exact spot where a creature like this was seen 100%, just that knowledge had me on edge, and from being out there and knowing how remote it still is, I have no doubts that Sasquatch would still be able to easily frequent that area without being spotted.”

Alleged similar events involving children coming face to face with Bigfoot are gradually being reported across the United States.

In 1981, Cindy Barone, a 13-year-old girl from Michigan, claimed to have found a Bigfoot in her barn, allegedly coming so close to the creature that she was able to touch “its fur”.

In October of last year, a child said he had seen a “white Bigfoot” running around his property. Four days later, an 8-year-old Canadian boy was able to snap a few pictures of what some researchers called a Sasquatch creature. Eight months earlier, a young boy from Kentucky stated to have seen “Bigfoot” peeking at him through a window outside his house.

In late January, a retired police officer from California made similar claims about an encounter he reportedly had with the creature as a child.

Some researchers believe Bigfoot exhibits a natural curiosity toward domesticated animals, loud noises like cars or chainsaws, and “especially the screaming of children at play”.

“Repeatedly, Sasquatches have been watched in these contexts, occasionally for hours, and even attempted interaction in the play of children. Sometimes, a Sasquatch seen in the open will retreat into cover, but remain to watch his observers from hiding,” the BFRO claims.

Mittie is part of Allen Parish in southwestern Louisiana.

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  1. daniel clavette

    March 14, 2015 at 9:09 pm

    Wow the is many people that see big foot as a child wow that is truly amazing.

  2. nuniesaraceno

    March 28, 2015 at 1:09 am

    i know where hes talking about. not to many people talk about bigfoot in these parts.

  3. luke

    May 24, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    I firmly believe i had seen a few things in my childhood i can not explain, i think we all have and over time we forget about 99% of those things. As children most extremely we are able to observe absorb process interpret and communicate information BUT our brains are not the same as an adult or teen brain yet. The way we see reality is altered and significantly subjective. Children, even myself, without the corroboration of an adult are greatly unreliable. This does NOT mean what any child saw is a lie. It means the undeveloped brain can createva reality to fill in gaps in an event and then accept it as fact. Dreams, tv shows and stories can all manifest as REAL MEMORIES in a child and even the Teenage brain flooded with hormones is not yet fully developed and suffers from sumilar issues. Then theresva matured brain which STILL has serious issues. Ww seevwhen 10 witnesses seeing the same event say 10 different things. Theyre not lyingbit is just part of thr human condition.

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