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Michigan Researcher: A Sasquatch! and I have a Camera.

Mich.– A researcher in Michigan released a series of photographs Thursday of an unidentified figure that some people believe could be Bigfoot.

Jim Sherman, who has been an investigator with the BFRO for decades, says he was “taking his puppy out for a walk” when he noticed the strange figure about “200 yards away down a trail”.

“I was in the woods carrying my dog for a walk… I was getting him used to his future in the field,” he said. “We took photos of critters and I messed with the setting on the camera.”

The man and his dog photographed squirrels, deer and trees, but the pictures appear to be blurry due to Sherman having to simultaneously carry  the dog.

“It is difficult to focus with one hand holding a wiggly dog in your jacket,” the investigator says about a blurry picture of a deer.

“I practiced one-handed zoom and shoot.”

Reportedly on their way out of the trail, Sherman noticed something that looked like a “big dog or a bear”.

“It was on the right side of the trail, but it was crouching down, or on all fours, and was moving,” he said.

After observing it “for a while”, the alleged animal stood up.

“It was all a solid black color, I took several photos in the few seconds it was visible and was able to manipulate the zoom and shutter with my one hand.”

Then, he says, it disappeared into the woods.

A pixelated picture shows a dark figure standing up on the trail before walking into the woods. Credit: Jim Sherman/YouTube
A pixelated picture shows a dark figure standing up on the trail before walking into the woods. Credit: Jim Sherman/YouTube

“I went to the location and found only human prints and no trails leading into the woods near where the figure had been,” said Sherman.

The researcher claims that the purported creature’s movement was “weird, like it was picking berries”.

And while he says it is possible that the “strange figure” on the picture could just be a person, he is also pointing out certain details that don’t add up.

“The fact that the figure went into the woods rather than staying on the trail was strange,” he explains. “That it was all one solid black color was interesting,” he adds.

Sherman said he took some measurements and believes it could have been a person, but that he “waited around” hoping to see someone coming out of the woods and that it “never happened”.

“If nothing else, it was a nice walk in the woods, and it shows what you can do to try to authenticate a photograph,” he said.

Sherman experienced his own Bigfoot encounter in 1989 when on a camping trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the northern one of the two major land masses that make up the Wolverine State. He regularly holds seminars aimed at Bigfoot enthusiasts.

Back in September, he released audio of a “Sasquatch howl” he allegedly recorded in 2012.

Last Friday, another man in Michigan claimed to have captured images of a “Sasquatch” walking on his property located in the northern part of the state.

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1 Comment

  1. Phil Shaw

    November 1, 2015 at 3:46 am

    Good well researched and written stories.

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