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Florida Man Claims Bigfoot Family Living on his Property

Fla. — A man says there is a “whole family of Bigfoot” creatures living on his property.

Florida resident Steve, who didn’t provide a last name, claims to have seen one of the creatures in a trail near his home recently. He believes it was a female.

“Her footprints were about one half time the size of mine,” Steve told a Searching for Bigfoot Team investigator in a 3-minute-long interview. ” I am 8-1/2, so hers is 16,” he added.

Steve explains his sighting. Credit: Searching for Bigfoot/YouTube

Steve explains his sighting. Credit: Searching for Bigfoot/YouTube

He did not provide additional physical features of the alleged primate, but believes the creature he saw was either a “female” or an “older juvenile”, based on the size of its foot.

As to what Bigfoot really is, Steve says he has come up with the solution to the mystery.

“I believe that Bigfoot is a descendent of Gigantopithecus, or some kind of early human,” he explains. “So many people have sent hair samples, and the hair samples always seem to be tested as being ‘unknown primate contaminated with human DNA’… No, it’s not contaminated with human DNA, it’s got human DNA because it’s part human!”

The investigator didn’t specify the location where the sighting purportedly took place. They claim to be researching the area and the findings are turning out “a little bit crazy”.

“We heard some sounds, some howls, saw something on the thermal camera we thought it was the creature,” said the researcher.

It appears that Steve is not the only one making such claims. Florida resident John Bird claims to feed Bigfoot potatoes and plantains on a regular basis.

In November 2014, a woman told BFRO investigator Jim Sherman that she had encountered a “Bigfoot” while driving on Florida State Road 72. The beast, she said, was as wide as her “momma’s dodge”.

In 2013, a man and his son said they were driving across the Myakka River State Park when they spotted a strange animal running across a field and were able to capture it on video.

Last January, a Tampa man sent Cryptozoology News controversial footage containing what he called a “Skunk Ape” at the Hillsborough County Lettuce Lake Park.

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  1. charlie carter

    June 27, 2015 at 9:19 pm

    did you see the fig’er at 7min 56 se in the vido it moves b for you do ???? the bird worning

  2. charlie carter

    June 27, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    did you see it on the fillm i did

  3. allie

    December 21, 2015 at 11:46 am

    I was wondering if the witnesses are aware that there may be a population of wild chimpanzees and perhaps larger hominins such as orangutans, gorillas and the like in the more woodland , isolated and swampy areas, since the 1940’s and even before that time there have been escapes of these animals into the wild. road side zoo’s carnivals and the like have been known to release these animals when they were past their usefulness. certain private owners have done the same when unable to care for them or they became an active threat. I would believe that what you might have witnessed were the offspring of these creatures. it makes sense, after reading. the accounts I researched the past of Florida and exotic animals seem to have found a haven (Florida seems to have the ideal climate) I really enjoy reading the stories though very entertaining when I was 9 my dad always told me something that sticks with me to this day and that is this “Occam’s razor” – if there are two hypothesis that explain the data equally well choose the simpler.

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