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Florida Family Calls Sheriff Over Bigfoot Encounter

PARRISH, Fla. — A family in Manatee County says  they came across an unidentified biped.

The mother of the family told BFRO investigator R. Monteith that they were driving on Highway 62 when they encountered the mysterious creature at 5.15 a.m..

“We were driving home from an all-night fishing trip,” she said about the July 2017 encounter. “This creature waited for the car ahead of us to pass and ran across between our two cars.”

The woman said her husband also saw the creature. She described it as dark in color, “huge and fast” and running upright. She added that “it didn’t have the shoulder motion that humans have when they run”.

The eyewitness provided the BFRO with this sketch of the alleged creature.

“It was running stiffly without any arm swing.”

The father, who also says he saw the creature, told Monteith that it had “very long legs” and that they noticed a strange smell that reminded them of “polecat, musky, swamp water and sulfur”.

The investigator says that the mother reported the incident to the Manatee County sheriff and were told that they had been receiving similar calls.

Last week, a couple, also in Manatee County, claimed to have seen a similar creature back in June of this year.

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