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Woman: Bigfoot Likes Grapes

A woman shared a video Monday claiming it contains tracks of a “Bigfoot” creature printed across a pond in her property.

The woman, who goes by the YouTube name Family4Bigfoot and didn’t provide her location, says she has seen Bigfoot before and claims to know what types of food they like to eat.

“I have had Bigfoot walking an yelling out load an making my dogs yell, I love it when me an my grand kids get to see them an get tracks from them, they love the grapes an the grape leafs, and Turkey,” she said.

The video lasts less than a minute and it shows the “big footprints” while she and other members of her family describe the scene.

“Big footprints going across this pond, and they are like…big,” she said. “It’s going all across this pond, our pond, my pond, and goes…all the way across you can see it.”

She then starts following the alleged foot print trail.

bigfoot track pond
‘Bigfoot’ tracks go across the pond. Credit: Family4Bigfoot/Youtube

“There is one over there. Right over there is where it started, you can see it,” another woman utters in the background.

“Hang on! Oh wait, I wanna get to it,” the woman with the video camera says. “It started right there…it went across, it went all the way across…there is one right there, looks like…”

According to another video uploaded last week by the property owner, the purported beast also likes to gather hay.

“Bigfoot took off with my hay,” the video is titled.

“I put out a big round bail of hay an by the next morning a Bigfoot had took the hole center out of it an left his prints,” she said. “Last night this was rolled up in a big pile, and he got into it, and he rolled it out…he rolled this big pile out, that big ol’ round  thing, he rolled it from the top, and there’s more prints on the ground…”

Worth noticing is the presence of horses in her property.

Bigfoot tracks are a recurrent topic in cryptid investigations and often precedes or follows a sighting report.

Last May, newspapers in Malaysia reported about “hundreds of strange, large footprints” all over a tarred road near the Endau Rompin forest reserve in Johor Baru. The footprints, they said, looked “like it belonged to a tiger, another like it was an elephant’s and the last resembling a human’s but much bigger in size.”

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