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‘Baby Bigfoot’ Sounds Recorded, Parents Spotted in New Mexico Navajo Reservation

N.M. — A group of New Mexico Bigfoot researchers released an audio file Friday evening containing what they believe to be the cries of a “young baby” Bigfoot.

The New Mexico Bigfoot research group, which operates in the Navajo Nation and The Four Corners, said residents at the reservation claim to hear the sounds throughout the year.

The 30-second-long audio recording was taken March 27 and is composed of what sounds like a series of unidentified animal calls resembling those of a young mammal.

The file was “noise filtered and amplified”, according to the Southwestern research team.

“You can hear the cry and chirp. Possible young baby creature,” the team said. “Some also call it Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Boogers, Boogy man, It, Hairy Man, etc. The Dine’ describe it as Hastiin Dzith Ditlooii Tsoh; Yeii Tsoh.”

The researchers also shared audio of a Sasquatch “scream” and “possible talking”.

“Possible talking captured in the first few seconds of this recording, the scream howl at 8 secs, and possible talking from beginning up to 38 secs,” they explained. “The coyotes join in on the scream.”

And, reportedly, the unidentified sounds are not the only oddity taking place at the reservation. A couple says they spotted an 8-foot tall primate-like creature standing by the river’s bank.

“My husband saw it first, and then he called me and said ‘looked down there’, and I could see it standing right there,” the woman said in an interview with one of the members of the team. “It was like a grayish thing,” she added.

Last month, the research group says, the resident of a mobile home, also stationed at the reservation, claimed to have seen the creature peeking at him through the trailer’s window. The man said the animal was about 8 feet tall and exhibited dark brown hair all over its body. The team, during an investigation of the alleged sighting, also photographed what they believe to be a hand print on the eyewitness’ mobile home’s external wall.

In 2014, a Native American child said he had an encounter with the creature and was able to snap a picture of it.

Prior to the arrival of the white man in the New World, the Bigfoot creature was already known among Native Americans.

The legends describe a nocturnal animal about 9 feet tall, with lots of hair and a distinctively unpleasant odor. According to their beliefs,  this being would take things like weapons, tools and food from the tribes, and occasionally kidnap women. Depending on the tribe, there are two types of Bigfoot: benevolent and malevolent. The good Sasquatch purportedly communicates with the natives through sign language, while the mean one is supposed to be hostile and has developed a taste for human flesh.

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