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ATV Rider Comes Upon Unidentified Bipedal Creature

A Clark County, Idaho man says he was riding his ATV when he came across a primate-like creature.

The anonymous man says he was camping with a friend when he witnessed the odd animal in July 2007.

“As we rode down the trail I stayed about 50 yards behind my friend. It was getting dark enough that the head lights on our ATV’s were illuminating the trail and passing trees but still enough light in the sky so you could look around and see hill sides and clearings,” he told the BFRO.

At some point, he recalls, there was something that he thought was a tree stump. But it suddenly stood up.

“At first, this thing was facing away from me and watching my friend, who was ahead of me. As I started going by, I leaned away from it to my right. It looked over toward me over its right shoulder. It then appeared to straighten out its right arm toward me.”

The eyewitness described it as an 8-feet-tall humanoid with dark hair all over its body. Its face however, showed dark skin and yellowish eyes. Its hands were “similar to humans with fingers and a thumb”. He also claims there was a particular smell that resembled that of “an elk in the rut”, only stronger.

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