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Nurse Sees ‘Bigfoot’ in Vermont

A registered nurse in Vermont says she saw a humanoid-like figure that resembled a chimp.

The 67-year-old, who didn’t provide a name, told the BFRO that she was at her summer cabin in August 2019 when the incident took place at 10:15 a.m..

“It was a sunny day and my chihuahua was barking. I walked to the front deck and looked towards the dirt road in the direction she was barking.”

That’s when the eyewitness claims she saw the ape-looking animal.

“I saw a very black humanoid shape walking on two legs go past our driveway. It was half bent over then straightened up. It had longs arms swinging. The head was turned away and appeared to have very short neck and roundish head from that angle,” she explained.

She claims she was able to observe the creature for about 12 seconds before it disappeared into a wooded area.

“I’m a former private pilot and have excellent vision. It was not a bear.”

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