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New Jersey Man Claims He Saw Young ‘Bigfoot’

A man in Burlington County says he saw an unidentified bipedal creature.

Mike, who didn’t provide his last name, told the BFRO that he was driving his vehicle south of Chatsworth on June 20 2019 when he noticed the odd creature.

“It was approximately 6.40 p.m.,” he said. “At first I thought it was a big ground hog but then I saw a 3-feet-tall creature stand up on two legs.”

Mike says that since he didn’t get an initial good look at the being, he decided to turn around to investigate.

“I pulled in and turned around and headed back to the location. There is a bend in the road there. It bends around to the right on the way back as I made it past the bend, approximately 30 yards in front of me the creature was still there. “

This time, he adds, he could perfectly see what he was looking at.

“It looked like a mix between Curious George and the character Chaka from the Land of the Lost,” he explained, adding that its face and top of the feet were hairless and of a light tan color. The fur, he recalls, was golden brown but “darker than a Golden Retriever”.

“I could not see the nose. I locked eyes with it and didn’t notice any white in them, only big dark brown eyes.”

That’s when the alleged creature reportedly fled into the woods and Mike couldn’t spot it any longer.

He says he waited a few days before telling his family and friends about the unusual encounter.

“I thought for sure someone was going to report a missing kid in a costume,” he explains.

BFRO investigator Eric Spinner conducted a 45-minute phone interview with the eyewitness and later met in the reported area of the sighting.

“I found Mike to be a credible witness and he was very clear with his reporting of the events. He previously had not been into the Bigfoot phenomenon and had not even seen an episode of Finding Bigfoot,” Spinner said.

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