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Writer Photographs “Gnome” in Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH– A man has taken photographs of a “creature” he thinks could be a “gnome”.

Keith Sniadach, author of Relics of God: A Supernatural Guide to Religious Artifacts, Sacred Locations and Holy Souls and The Gatekeeper: The Final Secret Tribulation, says he was staying at his summer cabin in the mountains of western Pennsylvania when he discovered the images three weeks ago. He then posted the pictures on his Facebook page.

“I have a camera set up in the woods to capture images of the abundant wildlife in the area,” he told paranormal researcher Linda Moulton Howe.

Sniadach says he was using a ScoutGuard trail camera, which is capable of detecting images up to 85 feet with a resolution of 8 megapixels.

“Of all the cameras I have used over the years at my cabin, this is by far the best,” he said.

The series of photographs, reportedly taken “consecutively and one second apart”, show a little swine-like entity with big eyes wearing a red shirt and a purple hat while walking on a pathway between two patches of green forest. It seems oblivious to the camera.

Purported gnome walks on a pathway, unaware of the trail camera installed on a tree. Credit: Keith Sniadach
Purported gnome walks seemingly unaware 
of the trail camera installed on a 
tree. Credit: Keith Sniadach

“My camera detects heat and motion, so whatever this was, it gave off heat and also moved,” said Sniadach. “All I can say is, to me, it looks like a gnome , troll or brownie of some sort,” he continued.

“It’s not a leaf in the foreground or any type of weed or plant. The creature stands approximately 44-inches tall.”

Sniadach says he has taken pictures of strange things before, but rapidly dismissed them because there was generally only one blurry image that could be a “bird taking flight” or some other animal.

But this time, with three different clearer photographs of the same anomaly, he admits to being “stumped”.

“These pictures have not been altered in any way, shape or form and are completely authentic. I do not believe anyone is playing tricks on me. My cabin is in a remote area and no one knows where my game camera is. I believe this creature is real and not a hoax.”

The Pittsburghese claims he hasn’t been able to see the strange being again, but that he has left the camera out for the rest of the summer, just in case it shows up.

Leprechauns and gnomes are little mischievous entities present in folklore legends in many countries around the world. In 1989, a dead creature believed to be a gnome was found in Spain. It was later determined by doctors and investigators that the “Gnomo of Girone” tissue belonged to an unknown animal never seen before. Others, like researcher Pedro Palao, explained that the strange creature could be the fetus of a ruminant and dubbed it a hoax.

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