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Multiple Witnesses Record Orange UFO in North Carolina - Cryptozoology News
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Multiple Witnesses Record Orange UFO in North Carolina

N.C. — A North Carolina motorist claims he saw two UFOs and that he was able to capture part of the incident on camera.

The anonymous man says he was driving on Shannon road on his way to Hoke County two weeks ago when he noticed the anomaly.

“There was a large ball of light hovering over in the horizon,” he says. “I grabbed my phone and took a picture.”

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An orange ball, resembling a meteorite, hovers over the top of the trees of a patch of woods between Shannon Road and Hoke County. Credit: MUFON

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The North Carolina resident added that as he drove his vehicle through some trees, he could actually see two lights hovering together.

“I tried to video them…and I went through more trees. Then there was only one light again,” he said about a short and blurry video taken through a car window that didn’t show much.

Reportedly, the driver was able to observe the light during the entire trip and until he arrived at his work place.

“I told some of my coworkers about it and some of them said that they also saw the lights.”

A similar phenomenon, known as green fireballs, are classified as a type of UFO by researchers, with reports going back to the 1940s. Initially, these odd unidentified lights began making spectacular appearances in the skies of the southwestern United States, specially in New Mexico. The sightings prompted the intervention of the United States government as they were of special concern regarding national security. It was widely speculated that these moving green lights were part of a new secret Russian spy device.

Initial reports were dismissed as military green flares or meteors, but further investigations performed by Dr. Lincoln LaPaz determined the lights had too many anomalous characteristics to be a type of meteor. LaPaz investigated the Roswell incident in 1947, also involving green lights, and after a few witness interviews -including the affidavit of Earl L. Zimmerman– he concluded that the object was an unoccupied extraterrestrial probe.

The phenomenon also prompted the creation of Project Twinkle, established at Holloman Air Force Base in February 1950. They concluded that the green lights were a natural event, probably related to the sun or meteors. The project was dismantled in 1951.

Robert Hastings, in his book UFOs and Nukes, conducted an extensive research on the lights and proposed the theory that extraterrestrial beings were possibly snooping on nuclear facilities. Hastings painstakingly documented the UFO-Nuke connection; numerous interviews with former and retired U.S. Air Force personnel revealed the incredible encounters that were regarded as a threat to national security. Perhaps motivated by the dangers of full scale nuclear war, these green lights usually showed up around weapon storage facilities and nuclear testing ranges, to the point of creating malfunctions as reported in some cases. In 2010, Hastings hosted a press conference  in Washington D.C. to explain the possible connection between the green fireballs and nukes.

Other researchers propose different theories, as it was the case of Dan Wilson explaining the lights were possibly caused by the nuclear debris, or William K. Hartmann with his idea of the lights just being lunar material ejected during meteor impacts on the Moon’s surface.

Unlike extensive studies conducted about the Marfa Lights, to this day and regardless of what some studies keep repeating, ufologists continue to investigate with the help of new technologies as there is not enough conclusive evidence to determine that the green fireballs are caused by a natural phenomenon.

With a population of 50,000, Hoke County is home to the Fort Bragg Military Reservation.

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