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Missourian Thinks he Might Have Recorded ‘Arguing Bigfoot’

BENNET SPRINGS, Mo. — A Missouri Bigfoot researcher has released an audio file containing unknown sounds he suspects could be linked to the unproven creature.

Randy Savig, a disabled 50-year-old who has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for over three years, says he and other researchers go to the Bennet Springs area annually.

“This year, Bennett Expedition was a huge success,” Savig said about the early May trip. ” We got some unknown audio clips.”

He tells Cryptozoology News that he focuses his research efforts on the audio field. Savig and his team use a parabolic microphone and a drop box to record the sounds. He meticulously takes notes of every audio detail he can not immediately identify. He has done most of his work around the Ozarks area.

“There is no way that I can prove what critter makes these variety of sounds with all the related evidence in the same area, but I suspect it is Sasquatch.”

This time, he explains, they were able to capture what he considers a high amount of activity in “only 40 hours of audio”.

Savig produced a 12-minute-video where he presented each of the audio clips. From a possible bipedal creature being heard passing by the microphone, to “distant whoops” ,”screams” and the sound of something following the team during a night hike, the most remarkable audio part contains what he believes to be a possible argument between the alleged primates.

The odd high-pitched sounds can be heard at the 10:20-minute mark and resemble a human conversation. But, says Savig, no one was out there at the time.

“This was recorded at dusk when a shower came in. It was recorded with a drop box.”

Savig, who says they will definitely be back to the area due to the relative success yielded this year, encourages other researchers to give him a hand identifying the sounds.

“If anyone who listens to these have an idea of a common animal that makes them please let me know,” he said.

Some Bigfoot investigators, such as the Australian man in charge of the Yowie Listening Project, believe the creature is so elusive that the only possible way to capture evidence of its existence will be to use an audio recorder.

“I can’t stress how highly elusive these creatures are. They won’t dance for apples under an IR light,” the man, looking for anonymity, told Cryptozoology News last February.

Bennet Springs is a small community located between Dallas and Laclede counties and is home to the Bennet Spring State Park.

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