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Maryland Crabbers Catch Male Mermaid - Cryptozoology News
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Maryland Crabbers Catch Male Mermaid

Recreational crabbing season in Maryland starts in April and ends in mid December. The Millers are a small family of three, consisting of a father, a mother and a 12 year old boy. John, the father, says that Miller is not their real last name. He felt the need to hide their real names at least for the time being. They go crabbing every season and even though they don’t catch many crabs, they enjoy the time out.

By Captain Bluecrab (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
By Captain Bluecrab (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

“We release most of the crab, it is about spending some quality time out with your family”, says Pamela Miller, 46. Her son looks at her as he blows the blond hair off his face, as if wanting to speak, but then she gently presses her elbow against the kid’s ribs. “As a matter of fact we should’ve been right there fishin’ today, but we are not in the mood after what we saw.” She mumbles while lighting a cigarette.

It is not the crabbing that they are afraid of. There is something else lurking in the waters in the Atlantic ocean that they would rather stay away from.

“It ain’t no crab that’s for sure” , the kid finally says. “It got big mouth and hooks on it like a big sucker fish”. He stutters and blows his hair off his face once again.

Somehow I smell something fishy about the story, then the father interrupts the kid. “Let me tell you”, he stands up adjusting his jeans,
“I have been crabbing many seasons, many many years. We are not professionals, you know, we just like getting out there in the ocean. You know there is no fresh air like this anywhere else.” He grabs a keychain from his pocket and shakes it back and forth. He has big hands, and they look rough, full of fresh and healed cuts as though seasoned by the salty air. “It was getting rainy, but we didn’t care. We found a good spot and we threw out a few crab traps. Nothing happened so far. We picked a different spot and it seemed we were luckier this time.” His wife offers him  a cigarette and a light. “I told my kid to put his gloves on, and help me pull the cages up on board.”


The boy stares with an open mouth at his dad, blinking frequently. Then he speaks. “I put the gloves on I start pulling the lines with dad, and it’s heavy stuff there. I say to him, dad we got some crab today, this is gonna be big, I say. Mom was looking at us, prepared as well, ready to help out once the cages get uploaded on to the boat.”

When it comes to cryptids and other strange creatures, I have talked to many people. I have interviewed a bunch of them. There are all kinds of persons. What seems to be credible at first, sometimes becomes a hoax in the end. The opposite is also true. The ones that seem the most bizarre are usually right, and the strange behavior they exhibit is mostly due to having to compile the story in an organized manner.

I appreciate all sorts of reports and this one starts taking shape.

Oyster_war_1888_Leslie's“So it starts getting heavy, suddenly I feel and hear a bumping noise hitting under the boat. Like a knocking sound. Probably the traps hitting, I thought. We keep pulling the ropes until we start seeing the traps. We get one trap on board, empty. Not good I say. Next one was somehow hooked to the other three traps, snagged together. So my son and I keep pulling, trying o disentangle the mess. Damn! It was a mess. I was getting mad, I told my son to just pull it up, either way, whatever way we could. So I start seeing this shape around the three traps, dark, like algae. It starts coming up on the surface, and I swear I could make out sort of arm or something. Well, my son freaks out and drops one of the ropes. So I tell him to get a grip and help me get it up. It was there now, I could see some yellow nails and something like a hand. It looked human to me. I thought at first it could have been some dead body or something. Once we got it on board we were all freaked out. Damn, I say to my kid to get a club we had there. Didn’t  tell him to hit it though. We waited for it to move. But it was still. It was holding the cages with its skinny scaly arms like a monkey, holding on to it. No legs, a weird type of long fin or something. Bare chest, not a pretty sight. Scales all over the deck, kept falling everywhere. It smelled like fish anyway. The face looked like a snake, or a dragon, a turtle, with sort of little horns. It had two eyes, with layers on it, and it looked like a cat’s eye. It was yellowish and black. No eyelashes. I thought it was dead, until I saw the mouth. It was very round, not like people’s mouths. Round, like a perfect circle, very red, with bumps on it, like a catfish type of mouth, like a sucker fish, opening and closing, showing sharp teeth inside and bloody snake-like tongue. Then it happened. My wife must have freaked it out when she moved to get her phone to take a pic, because it started shaking like it was having a seizure. It started making a high pitch noise, unbearable to the ears. She didn’t get to photograph it. She started screaming, my son was fixated on it and in shock. It finally makes a fast move and is able to jump off the boat back into the water. You could see the dark figure swimming down, deep. Hell, that was the most horrible thing I have seen in my entire life. So there, that’s the story. I know it sounds untrue but it’s what we saw. I won’t be crabbing again any time soon.”

Curious_Myths_p_496_sealIt was a disturbing account. A very creepy creature, a close encounter. This wasn’t a sighting. They actually got to smell it, feel it up close. But what could this creature be? Mermaids have been reported all around the world by sailors and passenger ships. They are known for emitting high pitch sounds that attracted navigators in the hope that they could help a drowning victim, only to lure the sailors to a certain death.

I would like to thank the “Miller” family for their amazing first person account and their patience with my questions. I know they made a big effort to help me out with this story. When I first received the report I knew I had to interview them. I had to delay the story a few days, and it was supposed to be published last week, but more details kept coming up and I had to make the effort to visit them at the last minute. Therefore, to our readers, please accept my apologies for the delay.

If there is anybody reading this that knows of some creature similar to what the Millers saw, and happens to know what it is, please post it on the comments. You are more than welcome to speak up your mind about this story.



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  1. ALouise

    February 26, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    If this is a genuine account, it’s quite possibly a demonic being ( Satan and his minions can manifest into earthly beings, such as happened in the garden of Eden) or it could be a genetically mutated being. Genetic engineering of various living creatures has been going on for some time.

  2. Timthew00kie

    September 24, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    when will people give up this silly notion that something is a demon… you are all a bunch of SHEEP! why is it so hard to believe that something MIGHT actually exist?? open your mind, open your eyes and give life a damn chance. think about how gorillas were thought to be mythical creatures until someone FINALLY found actual evidence and was able to prove their existence. what’s the difference in this case?

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