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Two Men Run From ‘Aliens’ in New Mexico

LOGAN, N.M. — A man in New Mexico claims he and his cousin were startled by a group of humanoids.

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Robert C., a resident of Logan, said they were fishing about 15 miles from their home town when the alleged creatures began crossing the lake.

“It was late in the evening and it was brewing up a rain storm,” he explains. “I was under tree near the lake and I kept seeing something shiny across the lake.”

The man says there were many of them and was able to give a physical description.

“They were all walking a path across from me. There were more than I saw.”

Reportedly, as the short creatures approached, their shinny eyes were fixed on Robert and his cousin.

“Their eyes were big and round, with a oriental slant to them. They were very skinny and had long arms and big heads… not long heads but large,” he told MUFON about the decades old encounter.

Robert says they decided to run back to their truck, which was parked about half a mile from their fishing spot.

“When we got there, we looked back and could see more of them, but we were too scared to look any longer.”

The man explains that they were not able to take photographs because they didn’t have their phones with them.

The two relatives decided to keep their sighting to themselves until now.

“I don’t think they are destructive to us, but they could be,” said Robert.

In the summer of 1955, a family in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, reported to have suffered a similar experience on a rural farmhouse.

Accounts of “alien” encounters began being reported more frequently since the advent of the internet. The ease of use and relative anonymity offered by the technology was incentive enough for the public to begin telling their stories.

In 2014, as a Philadelphia retired Temple University professor stated that hybrid aliens are already living among humans on Earth.

Also in 2014, multiple witnesses claimed they saw a humanoid-type creature hovering over the beaches of Necochea in Argentina.

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  1. Mistra NoMan

    December 20, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Didn`t take pictures because they didn`t have their phones on them in tis DECADES old encounter ?

    Phones have ONLY had cameras for the past 10 years MAXIMUM – so,either this guy is confused or something else.

    • John the Bap-roll

      July 1, 2017 at 6:51 pm

      No need to dismiss something that is probably a misinterpretation – either from the guy telling the tale or the guy receiving it – there can be any number of reasons – it could even be a simple error with the addition of the letter “s” in the word “decade/s” … try to simmer yourself down a little…have you been abducted and this is why you`re coming over as rather fraught ?

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