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Two Kansas Motorists Encounter ‘Bigfoot’

Two women in Kansas say they came across a Bigfoot creature.

One of the two sisters claims they were driving on Interstate 24 when they spotted the being.

“Around 9:35 pm I was telling my sister, who was driving, to be careful about deer running across the road, cause we had seen a few. Some did not even look at the truck we were in. Most were focused on the corn fields,” she told the BFRO about the August 2017 alleged encounter in Mitchell County.

Suddenly, she says, a “big buff gorilla-looking man hopped out on all fours” out of the corn field.

“It jumped from the corn field to my left in front of me and onto the left side of the road. It stood up, then disappeared into the cornfield on the other side of the highway. My sister wanted to stop but I asked her to continue driving.”

The woman described it as 8-feet-tall with an ape-like body. Its hair was reportedly about 3 inches long, with some bald areas on the chest and face.

“You could see its muscles. The hair was dark, kind of reddish.”

Eyewitness provided a sketch to BFRO investigator
Carter Buschardt. Credit:

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