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Footage Analysis: Recent Bigfoot Sighting in Utah

SUNDANCE, UT — The recent ‘Bigfoot’ footage released by a couple driving in Utah has generated a heated controversy regarding pranks that could obstruct the work of serious investigators.

The one minute video, uploaded to YouTube by the user AnythingWhatever last week, shows a dark haired creature hiding behind a line of trees, seemingly curious about the astonished witnesses driving by.

“We were driving near Sundance, Utah, just outside of Provo, Utah in the Provo Canyon. We saw something in the trees so we turned around as quickly as possible. We captured this footage of what might be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch,” the couple explain.

By the time they come back to investigate the area, the mysterious shape is gone.

“It was like right here,” a woman says on the footage. “Right here somewhere. Oh look right there, right there, stop, stop, stop, back up, back up. It’s right there, I just saw it! Gosh…it was huge!”

“It’s scared of us,” a man says.

Then the pair leave the scene.

Bouts of Internet users have criticized the video claiming it is a person in a gorilla suit, a bear, or just the trunk of a tree confusing the human eye at night.

“Look… this, if it exists, creature is supposed to be elusive… not hanging around waiting for you to drive back where you thought you saw something. Reactions of the people in the car are weak and unbelievable and the supposed creature screams ‘guy in a suit’,” writes Jim Middleton.

“Guys, its a dead tree stump.  Download the video, and run in VLC with brightness, contrast turned up.  Run up the gamma and sharpness a little and its easy to see,” suggests Chandler Woodward.

But even though at first sight the alleged creature appears to be still, which could certainly mean the ‘mysterious shape’ is simply part of the landscape, a slowed down analysis reveals an additional detail; as the car approaches the purported cryptid, it appears to slightly move its left arm, indicating alert mode prior to fleeing response naturally seen in primates.

While this specific detail discards the “part of the landscape” argument, a deeper investigation needs to be conducted in order to toss out the possibility of a prank.

Slowed down version

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